Olympic 2008 – Beijing, China

BEIJING, Aug. 8, 2008: The 29th summer Olympic Games opened in Beijing on Friday night. The following are some facts and figures about the opening ceremony.


  • The opening was held in the National Stadium, also known as the Bird’s Nest, in the Olympic Green in northern Beijing.
  • The stadium was jointly designed by Herzog & de Meuron Design Office, and China Architecture Design & Research Group and ARUP.
  • Its construction began on Dec. 24, 2003, and completed on June 30, 2008. Altogether 45,000 tonnes of steel was used to build its framework.
  • The stadium’s seating capacity is 91,000, including 11,000 temporary seats. The floor space is 258,000 square meters.


  • A major elevating platform at the center is 20 meters in diameter, weighing about 400 tonnes, and can reach 11.4 meters high at a speed of zero to 12 meters per minute.
  • Two moving lids on the stage serve as a roof.
  • A 36 by 22 meters LED screen is installed on the plates.
  • On the south and north sides are 30 complementary platforms, with each 3-meter-wide and 3-meter-long.
  • When the two lids move toward the center, the complementary platforms will rise and make up the stage.
  • Two sets of 22-meter-long LED scroll painting were installed, with a diameter of 22 meters.
  • With LED images shown on it, the scroll painting can stretch 147 meters long.


  • Ten steel ropes are hung above the stage, weighing 40 tonnes in all and with a total length of 55 kilometers.
  • Among the 31 wire devices, 16 sets can carry a load of 300 kilograms each, with a load of 100 kilograms for each of the other 15. All can move at 3 meters per second and can function at the same time.
  • One hundred jumping facilities with a load capacity of 80 kilograms each are set under the rim of the roof edge, which can move at 3 meters per second and be operated simultaneously.


  • A 147 by 22 meters LED screen is laid at the center. Approximately 44,000 colorful LED beads are embedded with a distance of 600 millimeters between each two.


  • 287 points on the top of National Stadium
  • 27 positions in the central area of National Stadium
  • 12 positions in the Olympic Green
  • 29 positions on the axis of the city
  • 4 places in other urban areas

Source: http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2008-08/08/content_9052487.htm

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