Minimalist Christmas Decor Ideas to Keep Things Simple & Sweet

It’s that wonderful time of year when the weather is crisp, yet the holiday spirit warms the heart and soul. 

Nothing announces Christmas better than the sudden appearance of Christmas decorations. 

Getting the perfect Christmas décor means you get to start your Christmas holidays in high spirits and transition to the New Year with a better mindset. 

Don’t put off decorating your house for the holidays while you focus on the ideal presents and Christmas dinner. 

After all, the holiday season is about reconnecting with loved ones and celebrating in comfort at home. It’s not hard at all! With the right attitude and some creativity, you can convert your home into a magical oasis this year .

A little Christmas enchantment in every corner of the house will make it seem more like a home during the holiday season. 

Besides, there is something about a well-decorated house that speaks volumes about the character and disposition of the owner. In this article, you’ll get an expert’s view on how to decorate both the inside and outside of your house.

Here are some of our best, tried-and-tested Christmas décor ideas for maintaining a sense of modern sophistication while staying true to the rich holiday tradition.

Right Christmas Lights for the Porch

Most people immediately picture the interior of their homes when they think about Christmas decorations. But of course, your home’s exterior also requires some decoration. 

The most important part of your exterior Christmas decorations will undoubtedly be the Christmas lights. There’s more versatility with the type and arrangements of lights you can have these days. The fun part is you don’t have to stick to the traditional Christmas lights. 

A quick tip is to get event lights to brighten up your yard like never before.

Since the cost of Christmas lighting is decreasing, especially with the influx of brighter LED lights, you can get more luminous lights for your exterior and keep the warmer, incandescent lighting for the interior of your home. 

Just remember to adhere to your area’s building codes and not to create a nuisance for your neighbors.

Going Minimalist with Your Christmas Lights

Minimalist Christmas decoration might sound like an oxymoron, but the idea involves getting lighting that creates a cleaner and fresher feel for your home. 

The usual image that’s associated with Christmas decorations is one of full color and foliage. However, going minimalist is far more trendy. It will also go well with your overall theme if you are going for something understated.

Minimalist Christmas lights are typically not warm. This means shifting away from using incandescent lights to LED. 

If you want a sharper look, you can consider large colorless bulbs which you can cover with foliage. The foliage can come from your Christmas tree or any other indoor plant.

Getting the Right Christmas Trees For Your Home

Yes, your home might need more than one Christmas tree! 

Nowadays people are slowly embracing the appeal of having several decorated Christmas trees for their home decorations. Assuming your home has several rooms or floors; you can consider also getting individual Christmas trees for all the main rooms or for every floor, each with its theme. 

The only worry is that Christmas trees are getting expensive, so you need to think outside the box.

One ingenious idea is to grow your trees at home in advance. You can get younger seedlings at a fraction of the price if you shop earlier in the year. 

By maintaining the trees till December, you can achieve a good tree height. Simply transfer them into pots and move them indoors. 

It will not only protect the trees from the harsh winter, but also give you ample time to plan the rest of decorations. You can then keep the trees indoors till the end of winter and later transfer them outside for the rest of the year. 

Once the trees reach their maximum height and no longer fit in pots, you can transplant them in your yard or sell them to a timber yard.

Planning early saves you the headache of standing in a queue for decorations and gifts. The money saved from planting your trees can be used for getting more expensive decorations and gifts for your loved ones. 

The idea is to keep your spending low but effective, so that there are no limitations on the number or type of decorations you can choose.

Christmas Table Decorations

The centerpiece of your holiday feast is the dining table, so it’s only fair that you give it the same care as the rest of the celebration. 

Snowflake silver and starlight gold, two elegant metallic color choices, look stunning with pinecones and light and some rustic wooden serving pieces. 

Tree branches or cinnamon sticks can be used for creating simple candle holders and also serve as a beautiful Christmas centerpiece. 

Well, there you have it!

Now you’ve just got to present a wonderful Christmas meal and your exquisite tableware on a very impressive dining setup.

Mix Indoor Plants with Christmas Trees

To try something out of the ordinary, you can also plan a small indoor garden this Christmas with a mix of traditional Christmas trees like fir and pine and some other plants. 

A monster plant can look quite good beside some artificial boxed Christmas gifts as added decoration. You can also opt for colorful lamps and let the indoor plants blend in with your decorated Christmas trees. 

This kind of decor not only adds a natural appeal to your home, but also lets you retain the overall aesthetics in the Christmas styling.

The Bottom Line

Styling your home for the holidays should be as stress-free as possible. 

Whether you’re staying alone or with family, the holidays are a great time to unwind and focus on your happiness and peace of mind. As such getting your Christmas decorations should be as natural and convenient as possible. 

We hope this simplified guide will serve as a reference point for your Christmas decor this year.