5 Tips to Modernize Your Dining Room

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Stepping into someone’s house for the first time can be a bit nerving and exciting. Because on some level we’re unconsciously evaluation everything we see. Their choice of colors, patterns, display items, frames, furniture choices. We act like detectives, trying to observe everything, taking mental notes. This makes us become even more creative and daring to switch it up. Out with the old, and in with the new. Who here hasn’t updated their living rooms in a while?

If this sounds like you, here are some great tips on how you can modernize your dining room.
1. Add a Bar
Small, simple addition to the room that can become a real focus for entertaining your company. Know your space, you wouldn’t want to take up a big chunk of the room for a bulky setup. You may be lucky enough to have a big enough space where you can throw in a good-sized bar that could even have a sink. Or at the very least a small faucet system.
Or if you’re a big fan of DIY, use faucetassistant.com. Guides and steps to making sure you select the best option. Even using the bar as a small corner piece will do wonders. Most bar carts have multiple levels which allows you ample space for drinks, glasses, and to possibly add décor along with it.
The concept is a lot like those “office water cooler conversations”. Instead of having to travel back and forth to freshen drinks, a bar will give you the ability to keep conversations flowing and the good times rolling.
2. All in the Details
It’s the little things that matter in life. It’s also the little thigs that can make a huge difference to updating your dining room. Think about the little things in your dining room right now: Dishes, décor, vases, table cloths, lighting.
There’s room for all these to be updated and enhanced to fit the new style of the room. Investing in some new dinnerware is a great way of giving the room a more modern feel. Try adding a salad plate and new stem ware to the mix.
Try some bright, bold color choices. This will keep pace with the modern theme. Also, try incorporating fresh flowers in the room. It’s a great way to keep the room feeling warm, and comfortable.
3. Table and Chairs
If you’re like me, you’re probably a big fan of DIY work. Updating your tables and chairs with a simple change of scenery will put new life into the room. There are plenty of options to choose to choose from; Whether you prefer paint or staining. Remember to play with different colors and textures. Be unique about it.
Maybe your forte is using patterns or stencils. These are great way to bring out a more exciting feel to your table and chairs. Pinterest has dozens of ideas and techniques you can try. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Especially with the chairs.
You may find it more appealing to choose new chairs at the heads of the table for a nice breakup.
 If comfort is on your mind, look to upgrade the seat. Try adding cushions on the chairs for extra comfort. Make your guests feel comfortable.
4. Walls
We can all agree the largest part of the dining room are the walls. With so much surface they are very hard not to notice. Choose new colors for a more comfortable, intimate feel. Selecting bolder, deeper colors will do just that. If the cost to paint is not within your range, wallpapering may be a great alternative.
Something else to think about instead, are accent pieces for the walls. Ideas like, wall murals, are good for breaking up all that empty wall space. You may find a lot of interest at trying your hand at patterns and stenciling. Easily finding stencil ideas online, could be just what your after to give your walls a special character they’ve been lacking.
5. Ceiling
How often do we look up? Thing is—there is so much free space up there. There is no reason not to incorporate the ceiling into the room more.
Try bold paint. Being untraditional creates a huge change in atmosphere. Another great option are wallpapers. Though a little tricky to handle thanks to gravity, but mixing textures could match very well and be a great addition to the room.
If that’s not your bag, maybe adding an element of architecture, like ceiling medallions. Darker colors on the ceiling can give the room a lot more depth. As the darker colors tend to make the room look bigger than it is.
Something to think about, anyways. Bringing your dining room into the 21st century is never a bad idea. Everything else in life gets upgraded, why not do the same with rooms in your home. These simple tips can help send your dining room out the past, and into the future.

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