Lilypad City – Designed To Combat Rising Sea Levels

Scientists are preparing to deal with ‘climate-change refugees’ as
rising sea levels threaten ever more lands. Architect Vincent Callebaut
has come up with an inspired solution: “Lilypad” cities that will essentially be giant, self-sustaining ships floating across the world’s seas.

The Lilypad has been designed by award-winning Belgian architect
Vincent Callebaut who says the ‘ecopolis’ offers a long term solution
to the looming problem of rising sea levels. As land-based cities flood, the Lilypad will be able to float around the world like a giant ship. The design of the city is inspired by the shape of the great Amazonia Victoria Regia lilypad. Some countries spend billions of pounds working on making their beaches and dams bigger and stronger. But the Lilypad project is actually a long term solution to the problem of the water rising. And it has the other objective of providing housing for refugees from islands that have been submerged.

Centred around a lake which collects and then purifies rain water,
the Lilypad will drift around the world following the ocean currents
and streams. It will be accessed by three marinas and will also feature three ‘mountains’ to offer the inhabitants a change of scenery. Power will be provided through a series of renewable energy sources
including solar, thermal, wind energy, hydraulic and a tidal power
station. The city will actually produce much more energy than it consumes and
be entirely ‘zero-emission’ as all the carbon-dioxide and the waste
will be recycled. Mr Callebaut added: ‘It’s an amphibious city without any roads or any cars….

A glimpse of the ambitious project proposal to counter global warming…

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  1. M0s1 says

    Yes this is cool, I hope it
    Yes this is cool, I hope it will provide most of social/daily needs as we need to consider how are you going to survive within the city i.e food. How much is the affordability as the whole world is in crisis with these global warming. Not quite convinced.

    Good work keep it up.

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