Lighting in Signages

Sign are one of the most important visual communication factors.
  • Signage is an essential means of way finding.
  • A comprehensive, well thought out sign program helps direct people to their destinations, effortlessly, without causing aimlessness, confusion or disorientation.
  • Cold cathode lamps are filament-like device known as a cathode at each end of the lamp
  • Cold cathode lamps are installed in a tubular glass structure

Cold Cathode Lamp

  • Cold cathode lamps are not preheated unlike typical fluorescent lamps
  • Require high voltage transformers that have the potential to be noisy and hot





Different Commercial Outlets in South-Ex

  • Merchandising, lobbies, auditoriums, atriums
  • Sales outlet
  • Brand name especially focus.
  • Fair efficiency
  • Small size
  • Custom form to any shape
  • Many colours
  • Easily dimmed
  • Low glare potential
  • Very long life
  • Instant on to at least 5o% output
  • Variety of colour available

  • Large noisy transformers require  relatively high initial cost
  • Inconsistent quality
  • High voltage cabling issue
  • Group relamping a necessity for colour
  • The info panel system provides a fast and simple method of creating either pole, post or wall mounted exterior directories.
  • Info panels are made from hollow aluminum extrusions and are available in the following depths: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm.
  • Colours of the poles and panels can be matched to our own requirements.
  • Vinyl logo’s and lettering complete the sign






  • It is an attractive modular sign system for exterior and interior locations.
  • Used for directional identification or information purposes.

  • Optional caps or round/rectangle crown panels which are perfect for displaying additional information or advertising
Slat signage- door, wall, projecting, suspended and desk signs are one of the largest scale sign systems of its kind
Aluminum banner display- easy to use free standing system for the display of temporary or permanent information in public spaces
  • All components are silver anodized.
  • All banners are PVC vinyl in any RAL colour.
  • All aluminum composite panels are sliver metallic as standard and also available in black and white
  • LED as a light source or visual display
  • LED technology and expect some products which are currently dominated by neon being in fact transformed almost entirely to led illumination.

  • LEDs have long been used as direct-view mode for indicators and message displays
  • Highly effective for sign products with monochromatic sign faces, especially red
  • It is very difficult for leds to compete with exposed neon in terms of “brightness”
  • Neon signs are great for bars, pool halls, pool rooms, night clubs, game rooms, dormitory rooms, restaurants, fraternity houses, pubs, lounges, bowling alleys, liquor stores, malls, and home theaters.

  • Neon signs can be used in many retail settings.
  • The ability to transform large amounts of electrical energy leads to a required minimum size to achieve a long lifetime
  • Capable of representing any kind of colors by using fluorescent and colored tubes
  • Adaptable to any kinds of shapes such as straight lines, curved lines, two-dimensional objects and three-dimensional objects

  • By computer-controlled flashing devices, all kinds of motion such as simple on-off switching, gradual on-off switching and complex flashing program are possible
  • In contrast to strong and monotonous forms of light such as fluorescent lamp light, the light emitted by neon signs has a pleasant effect upon people
  • It is suitable for luminaries and signage for large glazed surfaces and small spotlights. Naturally, it also lends itself to accessories, furniture, shop fittings.

  • The special molding material leads to soft illuminating and supports a harmonious atmosphere
An illuminated sign can also provide additional benefits by serving as:
  1. Weather-protection canopy shop-window lighting
  2. A time and temperature display
  3. A flexible information board, etc.

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