Lighting In Dining Spaces

The reason for the lights in a dining space is to light up the dinning table specially the light should not fall on the people who are eating at the dining table.
The main consideration for the lighting of the dinning spaces is to enhance the color and texture of the food and the complexions and apparel of the dinners. (suggested illuminance 10-20 fc).

  • General Lighting – it serves the need a flexible use of the space or room. Buffet-dinner, cocktail party, etc.
  • Accent Lighting – it is to highlight the featured objects or special areas. The paintings, the sideboard, the flower arrangements, etc.

We can also use the lighting controls to control the lighting to match the activity in that space.

  • Some essential points to consider while doing the lighting for dining spaces.
    • The accent lighting must be kept within the perimeter of the dining table, not over the chairs as it causes discomfort.
    • The Chandeliers should be proportioned to both the table and the room. The diameter of the chandelier should not be more than the width of the table.
    • When the chandelier has no central down light, the table can be enhanced by the accent lighting using recessed adjustable fixtures with narrow to medium-spread beams. The reflections from glass-top tables, must be considered when placing and adjusting the fixtures.
    • The sideboard, carving and serving tasks should be provided with shadow free lighting, from the ceiling or the wall.


Dining area

  • Light environmen
  • Subdued environment

foot candle                LUX
10                             100
30                              30



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