Lighting in Call Centers


Location: GlobalVantedge

IFFCO Tower,

Plot No.3, Sector 29, 



Satellite view of Gurgaon with IFFCO tower shown within the circle.



The entire office premises’ lighting requirement can be divided into the following:

In the Exteriors:

  • highlighting the building
  • lighting the walking bay on 1st floor
  • lighting for the parking
  • lighting for garden


In the Interiors:

  • Lighting the call floor
  • Lighting the central atrium
  • Lighting the cafetaria, Training room, Facility Room
  • Lighting the office entrance, Cyber centre
  • Lighting the stair cases and bathrooms



Halogen Lamps are used to highlight the building in the night.

They are fixed on pedestals and thrown up to highlight the building

These Halogen lamps which act as up-lighters highlight the building in the night giving it a dramatic effect.

Certain smaller Halogen lamps are used to light up the walking bay on the first floor. These lights lighten up the floor. These lamps lighten up the floor as seen in the right.

Mercury Lamps on pedestal are used to light up the entire drive way and also the drop points at the office.






A call centre agents needs the following things to work:

  • A computer
  • An avaya or call
  • transmiting system

Since there is hardly any paper work, there is no need for any focus lamp. The lighting in a call floor can be general. Moreover, an agent sits at work for long stretches, for maybe 8 hrs or so with small breaks. So general lighting wouldn’t strain his vision while at work.

The entire floor has an external glass curtain facing the external side as well there is another glass wall on the inner side which faces the atrium and hence lets in enough daylight.


Glass Custom to the external side

Glass Custom to the internal atrium


However the working hours of the call centre is from early evenings to late mornings. As such adequate artificial light is needed.

Instruments used in lighting the call floor:

The most used lamps is a unit which hold two CFL lamps emitting white light. Also it is placed at regular intervals so that there is uniform lighting through out.



In some places the single lamps unit has been used. Its just to add aesthetics and break the monotony of the false ceiling.



Like the call floor, even the cafetaria is open to natural daylight from both side. However the cafetaria is active mostly during evenings and nights. As such adequate lighting is required.

The highlight areas are the service counters and Pool Table. The flooring is done in mirror finish. So there shouldn’t be any striking light as it would create  reflections.

Hanging lamps are used to highlight the service counters over and above the uniform lighting. This also adds to the aesthetics.



The roof of the atrium is half-globular and shielded by transparent material. This lets the natural sunlight inside the building. The windows provide enough daylight through the windows to enhance visibility.

During the nights, up-lighters throw light as seen in the pictures to the half globular frame of the roof giving the following effect from the floor



The Entrance has a reception which also has uniform lighting, it also has display posters highlighted with spot lighters

Every Passage has enough day light through windows and artificial lighting through lights on ceiling to serve the purpose of lighting up the space.

The Cyber Centre has uniform lighting as well



The Bathroom has these light fixtures. The Bathroom is uniformly lit and every corner is bright during both days and nights. However there is no window or ventilator for direct Daylight

There are two spot lights in every landing making the stair case bright.

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