Laurie Baker was perhaps the first architect about which I have learned who had made so much research work in low cost housing work. He has understood the real situation of India. The country which needs architecture for poor people is India. Wasting money by rich person for their homes is now becoming a fashion, and in actual life a simple architect work for big guns of the city. Nobody bother about people who live in slums, where whole family live in just one small room. They didn’t follow anthro for them form of the building means nothing, all those things which we talk in architecture like form, space, hierarchy, circulation, zoning, semi-private, private zone etc. means nothing for poor. The methods which Laurie Baker had advised I best for the people either they are poor or richer. A sensible guy or gal who thinks a bit about his country and in this profession should think like that.

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  1. Vanishree says

    Creating a dream concept and
    Creating a dream concept and an illusion, design it finally get the fabulous output now the eyes can’t believe yes we made it… feel proud… But thinking beyond what is hard to the core in design is creating a comfortable space for the homeless…if I achieve this then I’m an architect with little social concern. Inspired by Sir Laurie Baker.

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