7 Unique Ideas to Make Your Apartment Look Spacious

Apartment living is definitely distinct from other living arrangements you’d find in modern society. From the amount of livable real estate to basic utilities, each apartment can be unique in its own way. Unfortunately, apartments come with some size restrictions. Eventually, you may run out of space for more ambitious decorations and designs.

Small apartments will have an impact on how you decide to decorate or furnish your rooms. As an apartment resident, size is definitely a factor that you will have to consider. You might have to avoid bigger furniture pieces and go for smaller alternatives instead. In addition, there are many ways to save space and make your apartment seem bigger.

Use the following tips to make your apartment rentals look vast and spacious:

Proportionate Furniture 

For starters, the types of furnishings you have in your apartment will matter in terms of actual size. A large couch may look extremely comfortable for crashing on after those long days. However, if you are trying to simulate a bigger size for the space, you should scale down your furniture a bit.

Try your best to purchase furniture that is proportionate in size to the relative dimensions in your apartment. This goes for more than just the sofa you have in your living room as well. If you need to, measure the dimensions of your apartment’s walls to get a bead on its status. That way, you can use these figures as influences when you decide to furniture shop!

Legged Furniture 

The main trick to simulating a larger apartment is to use less in order to create more. Your furniture is one of these key aspects that reflects this sentiment in totality. If you are looking for a dining table with a set of chairs, search for leggy chairs by design. This creates an image that isn’t cluttered, allowing the surrounding space to be more open.

Moreover, legged furniture allows light to flow into the respective space. With brightness illuminating your space, the apartment will look much bigger than it already is. Legged furniture provides the incentive for light to flow under and around the piece in question. Take a step back, and you’ll see the results of this working as intended.

Keep It Low 

Another fundamental trick to recreating a bigger apartment with fewer accessories is to look at the elevation. By ensuring that your apartment’s furnishings are kept as low as possible, you will create more space. That is because the areas above your furniture will be empty, which is completely intentional.

For the bedroom, try to shoot for a loft bed. This will keep things as low as possible. Or, you can also forego the extra cushioning and place a mattress on the floor by itself. In terms of décor opportunities, you have an abundance of options to proceed with. Plus, the space will be a complementary benefit too!

Carpets and Curtains 

Some accessories that you would find typical in an apartment could be a disservice to you. In order to trick the human eye, there are some items in the apartment that can be entirely removed. For instance, if you have any curtains on your windows, remove them as soon as you can. The same sentiment applies to your carpets or rugs as well. 

These types of coverings clutter the overall space in the room, which can make things look more occupied. To simulate more space in the apartment, you have to take these accessories off to reach your goal.

Colour Schemes 

One of the biggest facets of enlarging your apartment is to look at the colours chosen. Some colours will be counterproductive in terms of how large they make the space actually appear. To get around this, use colours that are neutral by design.

White is one of the best choices to go with in this light, as it can help balance things out. In addition, the reflective qualities of a white colour will accentuate the bigger image you want. Once you get to the decorative parts of the design, feel free to add in warmer colours as well.

Vertical Positioning 

Vertical positioning of your furniture, and other accessories, is a rather unorthodox technique to implement. However, it can be used to complement the process overall. When it comes to your wall art or photographs, keep them aligned in an up-and-down fashion for optimal effect.

Open Pathways 

The main thing to consider, as it pertains to apartment spaces, is keeping things as open as you possibly can. Clutter can easily interfere in your hallways or other rooms. Should this eventually prove to be an issue, take some time to tidy up. That way, you can achieve your goal of making the apartment look bigger.