Gurjeet Singh Matharoo and His Works


The recent work of Ahmedabad-based Matharoo Associates reinvigorates the concrete language of Le Corbusier and Kahn, and the early works of Indian Modernists, but is rendered with a more slender and lighter disposition. Projects from private residences to public facilities brandish a rough, impenetrable shell that conceals a cocoon of animated space; a difference of materiality also mplifies the contrast. Gurjit Singh Matharoo brings to his practice his earlier experiences in Bhutan, Dubai and Locarno.

His Works:

1. Prathama Blood Center has its origins in an Invited Architectural Competition in 1998. Being a pioneering endeavor in the field of blood transfusion and processing, the clients also made unprecedented demands; a new building ‘type’ where the challenge was to turn a service intensive functional entity into a playful, intuitive receptacle, by removing the repulsion associated with medical facilities and transforming it into a receptive public domain.

The project has specifically dealt with restrictions of space and economy. The costs have been kept abysmally low by custom designing all doors, windows, modular furniture including steel work stations, press metal storages, double glazed partitions even upto door handles.

2. Shwinikumar Crematorium is located at Ashwinkumar Ghat on the banks of the river Tapti in Surat. A national competition was organised for a new crematorium. It was to house five gas furnaces with supporting activities such as the registration and administrative offices, storage, and large tracts of non-specified space.The first gesture of this design was to create a large clearing by
removing all existing structures and then elevating the plane isolated
above the adjoining river and the buildings. The clearing looks out
only in the direction of the river, resulting in a ‘skewed’, angled

Plan of Crematorium


3. House of Ashok Patel, Ahmedabad The attempt in this design is to address this very paradox of houses opening out into narrow margins resulted by the building byelaws in growing suburbs of developing India. The use of concrete as material, which is strong, gives smaller sizes thereby the resultant structure is clear filigree. The material theme is continued in the bedrooms and toilets as well. Stone and teakwood are the two natural materials used in otherwise industrially produced material ambience.

Interior Views


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  1. sanketapte says

    hey guys we had a guest
    hey guys we had a guest lecture on Ashok patel’s residence by Sir Gurjeet Singh Matharoo himself during our 1st sem in SVIT VASAD…i.e in during sept or aug of 2008..
    Excellent use of the verandah and the given space…

  2. italianbanda says

    Since 2000, haven’t seen any
    Since 2000, haven’t seen any more designs coming out of the Matharoo studio… ever since then, only heard about the crematorium, the blood centre and that is all!!!The office was run by Gurjeet’s Boss at homeMoney mouth and poor Gurjeet had no say at that time … It was Madam’s show all the way, while Gurjeet was one piece of marble statue that sat inside his room, only to be looked from outside with great reverence 😀 😀 😀 😀

  3. Anonymous says

    @ italianbanda– so true,!!!
    @ italianbanda– so true,!!! the attitude in that office was the strangest ever! Always Madam commanding, and leading– I don’t even know if Gurjeet ever knew how the madam was/is treating her employees– he just sits in his marble chamber- —— the rumor was always that madam was the one with money and Gurjeet just kept quiet because he needed her family’s money to support his studio!!! it was funny! 😛

  4. Anonymous says

    and the rumor was that Madam
    and the rumor was that Madam was the one with money and so poor Gurjeet was expected/allowed to sit in his marble chamber and look pretty– it was this precious little thingy that was only allowed to be shown to potential clients~ the rest, was Madam-Raj all the way!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous says

    please update the page. many
    please update the page. many projects with excellent details, especially landscape, has been completed by architect gurjit singh. i would be thankful if you can post images and drawing set of his new projects like house with moving landscape, the house with wall of light, house with balls, net house, rough cut, house with warped court and many more

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