Four Different Types of Excavators


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If you’re in the market for an excavator, you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed by the variety of excavators out there. And you may be pretty confused about which one you should choose.
Thanks to the increase in technology over the years, the fantastic machines that are excavators have changed dramatically. There are four major types of excavators out there that we’ll go through in this article to help you make the decision about which is best for you. Before you make the final purchase on that excavator for sale, be sure to keep this article handy so you can be properly educated.

1. Dragline
If you’re going to go for a dragline excavator, you’re probably looking at more large-scale construction projects like civil engineering projects. There are two types of draglines to choose from: on-site and standard mobile draglines.
These aren’t the excavator you’ll use for you back yard work. They are normally brought to the construction site unfinished and assembled on-site because of their huge size. This is also because they are extremely heavy and would be nearly impossible to transport without keeping them in separate pieces. Make sure to choose this type of excavator if you are looking at larger scale construction projects!
2. Back Hoe
Alright, so back hoes are pretty much the most common type of excavator in use today. These are used most widely throughout the industry, with a simple bucket in the front facing the driver. The reason that back hoes are the most common is because of their ability to get through the soil easily and increase productivity on site. If you’re looking for a really good excavator that will get the job done and decrease your costs, then this is the one for you!
Other features include the ability to swivel the cab around 360 degrees, giving you whatever view you need of the construction project going on around you. Because of these features, they are the best for pretty much any construction project you need done.
3. Suction Excavators
This next type of excavator is one that serves a particular purpose for only a certain kind of project. Suction excavators are machines that literally suck the dirt and other materials from the ground, usually for research purposes in order to test the soil.
This works by adding water to the soil, making the soil and other materials looser for the excavator to then suck straight out of the site. Most likely, you won’t be needing such an excavator, but it’s good to know if you ever were in need of one.
4. Long Reach Excavators
Now, if you’re looking for an excavator that’s perfect for demolition projects, long reach excavators are definitely the way to go. These machines have long arms that are perfect for any kind of demolition. The reason that they’re so great is that they’re incredibly strong, durable, and can break through walls and other structures incredibly easy. This is going to make your demolition project much more productive and cost-effective when you use such a powerful machine.
This machine is also great because it allows those operating the machine to stay a safe distance away from the demolition site, while still holding the same power.
So, there you have it. All four of the major types of excavators out there. Being aware of the types of excavators on the market is incredibly important if you don’t want to make the big mistake of choosing the wrong excavator up front. Be sure to do your research and you’ll be done with your construction or demolition project in no time!

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