Color and Moods

Colors directly effect the moods of the persons. Each and every color is related to a different mood of human sensation.

  • Red is a vibrant, passionate color. It is the color of blood and symbolizes fire, war, boldness, risk and warmth.
  • Pink is a romantic color but may prove to be shocking sometimes.
  • Orange is a joyful, exciting color which stimulates appetite.
  • Yellow is a sunny and happy color but may represent ego or can be argumentative.
  • Green is harmonious and balanced. It symbolizes nature.
  • Blue is a calming and sleep inducing.

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  1. Rohit says

    Hitler….he might have liked

    Hitler….he might have liked BLACK the most.. as people preferring black are conventional or conservative or would like to be considered dignified, serious and sophisticated.
    These type of individuals like an air of mystery to surround them and lives life for prestige and reputation…

  2. M0s1 says

    What about white I think is
    What about white I think is peace.

    Yes Pink is romantic though most guys incl. me believe is goo for females.

    Black to my culture is a bad luck and I define it as cold, narrow, dark, not happy.

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