Are Security Systems a Sustainable Improvement for Your Home?

When you think of home improvement, things like changing cabinets, painting the wall, reworking the furnace comes to mind. But rarely do people ever think of security systems.

As you see in this article, they’re one of the best sustainable improvements for your home.

In this article, learn about some benefits of installing home security systems for personal use.

Provide Security to Your Home

First and foremost, security systems are designed to protect your home and guarantee safety. The cameras, sensors, alarm bells, internet connectivity, are all meant to provide the much-needed security that your home demands.

Especially in neighborhoods where the crime rate is high, these security systems are a must. When you install a robust home security system, you essentially guard your house with technology.

Once installed, these systems keep functioning for more than a decade with minor upgrades now and then. So, it’s a long-term investment. From that point of view, installing a security system is one of the best sustainable improvements for your home.

Deter Crime

The presence of a security system is also known to reduce crime rates in that area. Research conducted by Rutgers in 2009 confirmed the same. Their study concluded that as the number of security systems installed in an area grows, the crime rate goes down.

The data was collected from the Newark Police department.

Study author Dr. Seungmug commented that “The decrease in cases involving burglaries coincided with an increase in the number of home burglar alarms installed in the area.

Just the mere presence of a camera can have such a profound impact not only on the house but also in the community. So, over the long run, your house will be less targeted by burglars.

Enable Remote Access

If you ever wanted to access your home remotely, security systems can enable some part of it.

For example, you can control your security cameras, door locks, smoke detectors, and fire sprinklers, among other things. This depends on the controls offered by your home security system company.

You can control these from anywhere in the world via the smartphone app.

For remote access, you may have to invest in a centralized control system with access to all of your smart home accessories.

This requires configuration and settings to be in sync as they have to be connected to a WiFi connection all the time.

Help Keep Tab on Kids and Elders

If you’ve got kids or elders at your home who need constant care, a security system is a great investment option.

When you’re out for work, you can still have a watch over your house and what’s happening inside and around it.

You can control the camera movement and get a better view of the rooms. You can even assist them in solving a problem virtually with the help of cameras and speakers.

If someone is coming over when you’re away, you can unlock the electronic door locks without relying on kids. This provides greater support and safety to them.

Homebuyers always appreciate homes that are safe for their kids and elderly members.

Nursing homes and kindergartens are using this approach to make their premises safer for the most vulnerable. And you should follow suit.

Aid in Electricity Management

You’ll be surprised to learn that smart security solutions can benefit you in managing your electricity. Many security vendors offer smart home devices like video doorbells and smart thermostats.

If you forget to turn your thermostat off before leaving for work, you can check and turn it off any time, from anywhere.

Similarly, if you’ve purchased smart AC, smart humidifier, or smart lighting, you can control them remotely and manage your electricity bills.

This, again, requires that you have a centralized home monitoring system installed. That’s how you can control all of the appliances and gadgets remotely.

Increase Home Value

With the installation of a home security system, you can see a significant increase in your property value. Buyers prefer homes that are safe and well-protected.

So, they’ll be willing to pay more for it. A sustainable security system ensures the complete safety of their family without harming the ecosystem surrounding the property. And that’s an excellent selling proposition.

Moreover, your insurance will come down by 10-20% for the home buyers. That makes a fantastic selling point for home sellers to make their houses more saleable.

So, it is safe to say; a home security system is an excellent choice for the long term.


When making improvements to your home, it’s important to do proper research at your end. Consult with experts and retailers to find out the best upgrade options for your home. It would help if you tried to install a security system as part of your sustainable improvement efforts. With so many benefits on offer, it’d be a wise investment to make. These upgrades can make your home value appreciate over time.