5 Smart Locks to Secure Your Front Door

August Lock

When thieves get smarter, lock manufacturers look for ways to outsmart them. Smart Lock is one such find, which helps not only to keep thieves away but also to welcome authorized guests inside your home when you are away. Interested? Here are 5 smart locks to upgrade your home’s protection.

What is a Smart Lock?

Smart Lock, the electromechanical lock, performs both locking and unlocking based on instructions received from authorized device. The features of smart lock help with monitoring and alerting. While smart locks can let you grant access to others to get inside your house using a virtual key, it also can let you deny access from wherever you are using a mobile app.

The Best Smart Locks for Your Door

Here is a quick view on the best smart locks for your door. You may want to weigh the benefits and disadvantages of each of these smart locks before you pick your lock.

1. August

August Lock

If you want your smart lock to look good as well, August Smart Lock is just right for you. Easy installation and flexibility are its special features. You need not change your existing deadbolt. However, being an exclusive Bluetooth device, it has limitations where connectivity is concerned and hence you need a supportive hub to operate the device when you are out of range.

2. Lockitron

Lockitron Lock

Lockitron, just like August Smart Lock, does not require you to change your existing deadbolt. It is a comfortable fit and it works with all smartphones. Its in-built WiFi enables sending notifications to you where ever you are. Your Lockitron ‘looks’ and identifies you if you walk up to your door via Bluetooth 4.0. Hence, having iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 would be of help.

3. Schlage

Schlage Lock

Schlage has unique features, which are quite appealing. The Smart Lock is made by a reputed lock manufacturer. The door lock has a keypad, which allows you entry if you press a four-digit code. You can create 19 private codes for those in your close circles. You can add, delete private codes and customize them in such a way that they work during specific periods. Though you can operate it using a smart phone from away, you need to pay a monthly subscription to enjoy this benefit. You may take comfort from the fact that you are not paying monthly subscription just to unlock your front door the smart way but Schlage controls almost all devices including clocks, lights and motion detectors.

4. Goji

Goji Lock

Goji sends you alerts when someone tries to open your door – if this sounds common enough, Goji stands apart by sending photos of the persons who attempts to open your door to your mobile. The lock activities are recorded and you can review them using Goji mobile app. Goji requires you to replace the locking system to enable use. The LED screen it has displays a message of greeting to you as you or any person that enters or leaves your home. Just in case you avail the services of peterson lock picks, you may have some pictures of them working at your lock. Sounds interesting?

5. Kevo Lock

Kevo Lock

Kevo Lock has an impressive Bluetooth tech but it only works with specific compatible iOS devices thus leaving a majority of people out. As far as security is concerned, Kevo excels as it employs multiple levels of encryption. An eKey comes as a package with Kevo and you can send it to your friends using smartphones that are compatible with Kevo. While the tech support is great and the installation is easy, not being compatible with all smartphones is a negative factor. However, the overall experience seems to be good.

Whichever way you decide to go, ensure that the smart lock works with your smart phone. Before you order, it is best suggested that you compare prices as various websites offer discounts on the product. After all, you need to make a smart choice, right?

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