Are Glass Dining Tables Safe?

When you explore the market in search of quality and beautiful decor options, there is a massive choice. In 2021, the options are just immense. For every part of your house, you have some exciting furniture to choose. For instance, for your small dining space, you can choose a dining table and a few chairs. Also, the variety in dining tables is awesome. There are different shapes, sizes and materials when it comes to these tables. So, which one do you prefer?

It is quite understandable that it becomes difficult to choose one when there is such a vast choice. A few of you might choose a glass dining table but are reluctant for one great reason. Many people consider glass tables as unsafe. Why? There are certain claims that it may shatter and cause a serious disaster. Well, that isn’t the case. We have come up with a buying guide and let you know if glass dining tables are unsafe!

The Top Dining Table Materials

It is important to explore the materials used to manufacture dining tables. There are a few materials that are common. These include glass, marble, wood and high gloss. All these materials are fine but each has a share of benefits and drawbacks. Hence, you have to choose the material wisely.

What Makes Glass the Best Material?

Among all these materials, glass is considered the best. There are some solid reasons behind that. First of all, glass is a gorgeous material since it is transparent. It provides an unmatchable elegance. Also, it is easy to maintain since a wet piece of cloth can clean it with a single wipe.

Is Glass Safer than Other Materials?

Well, glass is certainly not the safest since there is a fear of shattering and causing a great trouble. However, are other materials pretty safe? Even marble can shatter and wood can break as well. It depends on the quality of the material used to construct the dining table.

Do Glass Tabletops Shatter?

There is always one fear with a glass dining table; people believe it can shatter anytime and cause injuries to the people nearby. Also, this can lead to a huge disaster. However, that is not really true. Glass tabletops don’t shatter; if they do, the quality of the glass used in manufacturing is questionable.

Choose Thick & Tempered Glass with Beveled Edges

When you choose to buy a glass dining table, make sure you choose the one that has a thick glass. The glass must be tempered and thick. This will provide the durability you are looking for. Also, ensure to choose the glass tabletop that has beveled edges or round edges for safety.

Where to Buy the Best Glass Dining Tables?

If you are looking to buy the best and safe glass dining tables, Furniture in Fashion is the right place to buy them. This is where you can explore a great stock and choose the best and most durable tables!