15 Amazing Flower Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Are you looking for new ideas to liven up your house? Ideas which never go out of style while being versatile? Well, look no further, in this article we have listed some of the most beautiful flower decoration ideas for accentuating your home.

Flowers and houseplants, be it live or faux are a great way to decorate all the places of your home, from rooms to bathrooms to kitchen. They turn a boring corner into a bright and colourful one while enhancing your place with its fresh sweet smell, that is if you use real flowers. With fresh flowers so easily accessible, I’d recommend you use it. There are many online sources which provide fresh flowers at your doorstep, some even have same-day delivery available.

Without any further ado let’s put on our florist vision and search for inspiration in the following 15 flower decoration ideas.

1. Floral Chandelier

Who said your ceilings have to be plain and boring? Or who said chandeliers could only be made of the finest and shiniest crystals? Why can we not spruce up the ceilings with a pretty floral hanging chandelier? Well, yes you can!

Floral chandeliers look best above the dining table. The flowers you pick must suit the colour combination and aesthetic of your dining room furniture.

You can either purchase a ready-made round floral arrangement and hang it on your ceiling with a rope, twine or a metal string, or make one. With a few tools, flowers and foliage you can create a beautiful eye-catching floral chandelier.

2. Hallway Grandeur

Nothing like greeting your guests inside your house with a striking flower arrangement in an ornate vase. The hallway is the first place of the home which greets you and your guests, thus it’s an effective place for displaying flower arrangement.

You should pick up an attractive and neutral coloured vase to let the hues of the flowers accentuate its beauty.

3. Dining Table Centrepiece

This flower decoration suits best on round dining tables. You can purchase a square vase as these look elegant and if you place it on a round dining table, it creates an asymmetrical balance.

A single vase with pink roses, purple tulips and a few cuttings from a jasmine plant for fragrance brings freshness and adds a pop of colour to your dining table.

4. Vases In A Row

Long and rectangular dining tables are the best place to show off the finest arrangement of your flowers in beautiful vases. And the best way to accentuate your dining space is by placing multiple vases (minimum 3) in a row.

The flower arrangement in each vase must be identical or you can have different flowers in the middle vase which complements the other vases.

5. Flowering Teacups

Don’t want to discard or give away your finest China which has only slightly worn out? Well, then don’t. Flower arrangements in teacups is a simple yet cute concept. One would be inclined to place it over their tea/coffee tables, this arrangement looks classy on a bookshelf, on the window sill of your kitchen and your garden tables.

This flower decoration is also easy on the budget, you only need teacups, fresh flowers and foliage.

6. Flowering Mason Jars

This flower decoration is super easy, on the trend and budget-friendly! The best part is that the ideas for flower decorations with mason jars are plenty.

You can arrange dusty coloured fresh roses with faux eucalyptus stems and wrap jute ropes or twines around the mason jar to create a rustic look. You can also pair white and red roses in multiple mason jars and place them inside a wire rack for a contrasting element.

7. Wooden Flower Box

This one is for the DIY hoarders, don’t throw away your wooden crates, instead use them for flower decor. Flower arrangements in wooden boxes placed upon the corner round table or as a coffee table centrepiece create a rustic yet chic vibe.

A wooden box with azaleas and lilies is suitable for bathroom flower decor. Fresh-smelling blooms placed on the sink or beside the bathtub will make your bathroom bright while keeping it fragrant.

8. Bucket Of Blooms

Take an old bucket, upcycle it by painting it or wrapping it in twine to make beautiful and big floral arrangements.

For a luxurious arrangement without spending a lot of bucks, you can paint a bucket with a golden colour, give it a brass finish and place bright red roses along with white hydrangeas inside.

Bucket flower decoration can instantly liven up the empty corners of your hallways and the landing between your stairways.

9. Flowered Wicker Basket

Got a glass vase, but it’s too simple for your taste? Then place it inside a wicker basket for a lovely and adorable flower decor. You can make use of same-sized wicker baskets with bunched flowers and place them on small stools on the sides of your front or room doors.

10. Pop Of Colour

Have you got a monotonous theme in your house? Then give it a pop of colour by placing bright flower arrangements.

In a living room, you can place a large vase which matches the colour theme of the room and inside it add bright-coloured flowers to liven up the room. This could also become a focal point of the living room.

11. Bedside Blooms

Your bedroom is the most relaxing place compared to the rest of your house. Thus, it’s important to create a calm and fresh atmosphere for your room. The best way to accomplish that is by placing minimal flower arrangements on the bedside tables.

A small vase on the bedside table with peace lilies, peonies and sprigs of eucalyptus baby blue can refresh your mood.

12. Kitchen Counter Beauty

An arrangement of bunched flowers in a ceramic bowl placed upon the kitchen counter adds a lively factor in your kitchen.

You can hang burlap sacks filled with foam for support on your kitchen windows and door with an arrangement of orchids, daffodils or daisies with foliage to create a farmhouse rustic feel in your kitchen.

13. Front Door Florals

Your front door is the first thing your guests see before entering the house, it’s best to enhance that space and spark their interest.

Large pots or vases on the sides of the door allows you to create large and eye-catching arrangements which could also start a conversation with your neighbours. You can also affix small pots with sweet alyssums or jasmines on the side walls of your front door for sweet fragrance.

14. Identical Shelf Decor

Enhance your shelves by placing identical vases with the same floral arrangement on each compartment of the shelf. This not only brightens the shelf but adds a lively feel to it.

15. Hanging Birdcage

Birds inside a locked cage are cruel, instead utilize the birdcage for flower decoration. Fill a birdcage with your favourite bright flowers and hang it from the ceiling of an empty corner. You can also hang them from the branches of your garden trees to create an attractive garden space.

I hope by now your inner florist is inspired and started flowing its creative juices. So, grab lots of flowers to get started on adorning your home.