7 Ways to Renovate A Small Bathroom for A Better Look


We all know it is getting tougher day by day to find the perfect apartment with a big space in almost any developed or developing part of the world. There could also be other reasons of you having a small bathroom but if you really wish to get the best out of it there are some ways you can adapt to renovate it to give it a much better look. There are a lot of factors affecting space and with almost everything getting smart these days, why would you leave your bathroom behind.

1. Allow Natural Light

Keeping your bathroom well-lit is an important factor especially when you have a small one. Make space for a window which will allow more natural light in the morning making it a brighter space. It will not only make it livelier, but morning rays of sun also act as disinfectants and a source for Vitamin D.  If a window isn’t possible, use a simple skylight to keep your bathroom bright enough.

2. Sliding Doors

Since your bathroom is already succumbed up in a small space, having a door that opens in and out can be really displeasing and congest you more when inside. The best option to go with is a sliding door which will save up a lot of space and will substantially contribute to making your bathroom look much bigger and spacy than before. They also make for a lot more aesthetic look and doesn’t let you compromise with the looks either.

3. Get a Corner Sink

A pedestal sink can sometimes block the traffic in a bathroom which has limited available girth for movement. Installing a corner sink can relieve you of that misery and save you a lot of trouble. Corner sinks can also utilise the edge of bathroom much more efficiently which would otherwise have been left pretty much unused. A small corner sink in comparison to a fairly larger pedestal sink can still prove more spacious and worth it.

4. Floating Vanity and Round Edges

You must think that what big a difference a floating vanity could perhaps bring to make a bathroom look bigger but it sure does. It will not make your look bathroom visually larger but will also provide space to keep small items that would otherwise be lying around and give a messy look to your bathroom. Since the bathroom place is small, sharp edges can be harmful, so it is really important that you keep almost all edges of the vanity and sink rounded and smooth.

5. Use a Shower Curtain

A door for the shower is really unnecessary especially when the size of the bathroom has been negotiating for the available space, a curtain instead of a door is the way to go. Moreover, there are many shower tub combos which can fit in a small space along with the curtain and look pretty neat. E.C.T Wet Room Drain can keep the water out from clogging.

6. Use a Lot of Mirrors

This is one trick you might have heard for not just bathrooms but also for smaller rooms which you want to make look bigger and aesthetic. Use large-sized mirrors that will reflect a lot of light and even in the tightest places can make things look a lot bigger and spacy. It will also help keep the place brighter and there is hardly anything more elegant than glass to give your bathroom the designer look.

7. Wall Mounted Faucets

Even the tiniest available space should be utilised to the fullest to get the best out of your small bathroom. Using wall-mounted faucets can save up extra space between the wall and faucet which is otherwise nothing but a ground for waste and wrappers. It also allows for a narrower sink thus saving up more space on the girth of your bathroom. Use as many compact storage boxes to keep things in place and make your bathroom look beautiful.
These were a few tips for renovating your bathroom which is probably the most used room in your house yet gets left out on almost every renovation cycle. You do not have to spend a lot but spend wisely keeping these tips in mind.

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