7 Tips To Help You Better Design A Small Bathroom

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For most of us, the one thing that keeps us from having the perfect bathroom that is both practical and stylish is space. It can seem almost impossible to get everything you need in a tiny bathroom without getting that claustrophobic feeling. The good news is that a small bathroom design doesn’t have to be the same old outdated tricks from generations past. Try these seven innovative tips we list below, and you will have your tiny space looking fresher and more modern than ever in no time.

You will learn below that there are quite a few neat little tricks that can make even a small bathroom look larger than life when done the right way.

1. Keep Your Walls Free From Protrusions

By stripping everything back to the bare walls you avoid having anything that may protrude out and cramp up your space even further. Rather than having little details like towel racks and toilet paper dispensers extending out into your open space, consider creating recesses for them. So, carve out a niche for it in the wall so that you can save precious room. You’d be surprised at just how much square footage these little items take up.

2. Use The Corners

By taking advantage of every available bit of space, consider using the often-wasted areas. By situating your sink in the corner you can save of a lot of space for movement about the bathroom. So, by replacing the standard wall vanity with a floating sink in the corner, you create more visual space for the tiny room, and you add additional storage space in the area below.

3. Place The Medicine Cabinet Above The Toilet

Rather than use the traditional space above the sink for your medicine cabinet, consider placing it over the toilet. This serves two purposes. First, you eliminate the need to install large cabinetry, which will dwarf the space and second, you open up a large area of the wall above the sink for a beautiful mirror that can be used to reflect the light back into the room making it appear larger. Because medicine cabinets are not as deep as other forms of cabinetry, it won’t protrude out into the larger space, but still allows for minimal storage of your essentials.

4. Don’t Use A Shower Door

Opening and closing a shower door can take up a lot of space in a small bathroom. Rather than using a swinging door, consider using sliding screen door from https://bestcustomscreens.com/. Both will serve the same function of keeping the water in but will not encroach on your well needed space to move around.

5. Get Rid of the Bathtub

Bathtubs take up a huge amount of space. Without one, it makes the room appear much larger, especially if you install a frameless door. It will give you a more modern and stylish look. Accentuate your shower with the more innovative shower fixtures and you have a luxury bathroom look in a tiny space. The clean lines of a glass enclosed shower are much more aesthetically pleasing than the traditional large bathtubs anyway.

6. Go for More Texture

Texture and pattern choices can be deceiving. When done correctly, they can make you believe you are in a larger space than you really are by adding a sense of depth and play to the room. Consider using three-dimensional white tiles or something with a repeating pattern that will go completely around the room blending everything together.

7. Stay Away From Dark Colors

Whenever you are decorating a small space, light colors are the way to go. Colors like powder blue, lavender, and pale roses make the space feel larger and more open. If your space is extremely small or completely enclosed and windowless you will have to be careful with your color choices. Neutral colors accompanied with darker wall accents can still give you the color boost you want without feeling crowded

Decorating a small bathroom doesn’t have to be complicated. You can have a nice airy feel to even the smallest of spaces just by carefully choosing the colors, textures, and fixtures to create your space.

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