7 Smart Ways To Keep Your Home Clean & Dirt-Proof

Who doesn’t like to live in a clean house? Cleaning can be tedious, especially if its a personal building or bungalow that you own and not a flat. Sometimes, even flats can be a pain to clean up – there are just too many nooks and crannies to worry about! In such cases, you need to be smart. That would help you reduce the effort you normally invest in your daily tidying up process and of course, you’d be able to accomplish it much better than you do already. Here are some ways you could enhance the quality of your work:

1. Nooks And Crannies Once A Week

Take turns on each day of each week to clean your house’s nooks and crannies. Typically, we know you would be thinking of a Sunday, but then, there are other options too! Maybe on one of the week days when you return early from work or have to leave a little late – that’s the time you get the real cleaning done. Nooks and crannies can get extremely unclean at times.

2. From Vacuuming To Smart Vacuuming

The filters in your vacuum might not be doing a great job. That is because, the dust which is sucked in is released through micro holes in the filter and subsequently manages to settle on the same place you have just cleaned. That’s a loss, ain’t it? Try a good dusting filter that keeps the dust from escaping through the filter.

3.Up In The Attic

When was the last time you cleaned up your storeroom or attic? Most people would resort to a simple answer – never. This part of your house is often neglected and requires thorough cleaning. Partly because you probably don’t even know what’s in it and probably because it can birth diseases. If you get the stench when approaching the attic, do look up on how to get rid of dead rat smell on the internet before you climb up and in.

4. Down In The Basement

The basement, after your attic is the next most neglected part of the house. If you have a basement at all, try to get it cleaned each month. If you don’t come across rats or other pests, you would need to clean up the years of slime and dirt that have been there for ages. Like the attic up on top, the basement too can be a breeding ground for unwanted diseases if you don’t give it a good wash once a month.

5. No Shoes Rule

Apply a no shoes rule to your home. The shoes are generally exposed to the worst and most unhealthy conditions and therefore, are not fit for domestic life. Use an area near the door to take off your shoes before you walk in home. Ensure that guests and other residents apply this too! Introduce a doormat at the entrance.

6. Carpet And Curtain Cleaning

Carpets need to be cleaned. So do curtains. If you cannot clean them in a week or two, try to clean them at least once in a month. Dirt and grime, and with them harmful bacteria, often seek refuge in these places because they are never cleaned. In order to get the better of them, send these to the laundry whenever you can!

7. Door Mats To Show It Out

Door mats should be placed at the door of every room. People naturally wipe their feet on doormats, a rather common practice, when they see them. Door mats ensure that the floors inside the rooms are clean. However, they too, need a bit of cleaning. Once a week would be too less and once a day would be a big deal of trouble, so we’ll settle for thrice each week on an alternate day!

That was quite a list! Staying smart is the norm of the new world and you need to catch up to keep up pace. Introduce the ideas we’ve just given you in your household duties and you’ll soon come out clean! We do, mean that in a very literal sense.

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