7 Reasons to Install a Sauna at Your Home

Spending time at a steamy sauna is something which everyone loves. The soothing vibes of the atmosphere where we can relax and forget other issues make it one of the primary locations to take off to once we get some time. The thought of installing a private sauna in your house does seem to be really tempting as one can then enjoy its pampering as and when required. Here we have a list of reasons to convince you that redesigning your home to include a sauna is quite a great idea indeed.

1. Amazing stress buster
This reason definitely makes the top of the list. The calming steam with its deep quiet helps us unwind after a really tiring day or week. The effect of the steam is such that endorphins, which are hormones which help us relax, are released into the blood stream. This consequently works towards clearing our mind and letting us deal with our life with more calm and ease.

2. Improves breathing
The congestion and pollution in our neighborhoods do tend to have a negative effect on our respiratory system. The hot air in the sauna is found to be really beneficial for people suffering from respiratory ailments like bronchitis or asthma by creating a clean passage as it passes through the system. Further, as the air is steamy, it is found to be therapeutic for people with common colds, throat aches and also sinusitis, with infrared saunas providing better relief for swelling of the sinusoidal membranes.

3. Sooths aching muscles and joints
Sitting in a sauna is found to be a huge welcome relief to arthritic people. The atmosphere promotes relaxation of the body parts due to the heat, which leads to aching joints and muscles being temporarily relieved from the pain. The sauna is the perfect place to spend some time in after working out or having done work which has cramped up a certain area of the body. It also speeds up any healing which is taking place in the body.

4. Flushes out toxins
It is really hard to avoid the accumulation of toxins in our body during these times. This makes it necessary to flush these harmful substances out of the body with the safest option being the steam from the sauna. The heat works to increase the heart rate which produces sweat, thus clearing away toxins like nicotine, mercury and lead which have accumulated in our body. The results are more consistent when one spends time regularly in the heat of the steam.

5. Younger looking skin
As people age, the skin tends to become less elastic and droopy. Through regular sittings in a sauna, one can definitely find an improvement in their skin texture. The hot steam works wonders towards opening the clogged pores of the skin and letting it breathe. It takes away the dirt and provides a clean atmosphere for the skin to take in the moisture of the atmosphere. This results in better hydration which further releases facial tension and results in a rejuvenated and younger looking skin.

6. Improves circulation
The heat from the steam increases the heart rate by making it beat faster to keep up with the temperature rise. The increased beating will result in more blood circulation within the body. This is turn leads to better functioning of all the body parts as they receive more oxygen supply. And finally, the body is able to increase its endurance level and is energized from this process.

7. Increases longevity
Yes. There are studies which have linked longer life to more sauna visits. With a multitude of health benefits that regular visits to the sauna can provide, it is of no wonder that it leads to a better life in terms of quality as well as quantity. The steam does work its magic to provide for a healthier and fuller lifestyle.

With so many convincing reasons, it does seem hard not to want a sauna which can be accessed as and when required. The saunas which are built into homes nowadays require very little space and even less maintenance. Spending some amount to install either a wet-dry type or the newer infrared ones which are basically they’re all the same, is definitely worth the money in the longer run.

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