7 Amazing Architectural Designs That Do Not Require Air Conditioning

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Have you ever thought about living a life without air conditioning? Many of us couldn’t imagine not having air conditioning and would imagine that a life without AC would be pretty hot and sweaty all the time. However, this isn’t true!
There are plenty of architectural designs to build your future house that doesn’t need air conditioning to stay cool. These range from living in a cave-sort of home and building porches to keep cool. Whether you’re looking to hire Air Conditioning Repair Duncanville or totally redo your home’s design to fix your AC problems, the below architectural designs will keep you cool.
1. Cave Dwellings
Have you ever wondered why people started to live in caves? There’s a good reason for it and it has to do with the temperature inside of caves. Because of the geological processes happening within the rock, the temperature within caves stays moderate and comfortable, no matter the weather outside. Even if it’s freezing and snowing outside or hot and unbearable, the inside of your cave-like house will be comfortable.
2. Underground
Some people have even thought about living underground to keep cool. This may sound crazy, but since the sun can’t reach through the ground, your home is going to stay much cooler, without the help of air conditioning.
Plus, those who use this design have installed windows inside their homes that replicate natural sunlight, so it appears as if your home is actually above ground. How cool is that?
3. Thick Earthen Walls
If you don’t want to bury your entire home underground or live in a cave, there are more alternatives for you – don’t worry! One of those is using thick walls made of earth in order to protect your home and cool it down.
This can be done fairly easily with the help of a design and construction company. It could make your home look very unique in the neighborhood!
4. Porches
You may not think about it today, but back in the day before air conditioning, porches were used as a natural ventilation and shade tool. Porches have long since ran out of popularity among modern families, but they are fantastic for providing shade during the summer and helping the ventilation in your home.
Think about adding a wrap-around porch around your home that fits the overall style of your house. It doesn’t have to make your house look like a country-home, but porches can really help you cut down on those electricity bills.
5. Trees
You may not think about trees as an architectural design, but taken with the whole design of the house, trees can provide so much to a home. And one of those benefits is the shade they provide in the summer. When you have a lot of tree surrounding your home, less sunlight will be able to reach your walls and heat up your home. Plus, they serve the dual purpose of heating your home in the winter when their leaves fall off and more sunlight can reach your home.
6. Ventilation Strategy
You can use a cross-ventilation strategy in your home to push out the hot air and bring in cool air. You will have to consult with a construction specialist for this one, as it will take quite a bit of work to turn it into reality.
7. High Ceilings and Attics
The fact of the matter is that hot air rises, leaving cooler air down below. You can use this to your advantage in your home by having high ceilings and attics to take all of that hot air. You will be so surprised at how much cooler your home feels, just by the implementation of high ceilings. Plus, they look pretty good too!
All of these architectural designs are fantastic replacements for air conditioning systems. Why not try them out on your home?

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