6 Maintenance Tips for Shinier Windows This Summer

Elegant and clean window panes are part of the home decor. Well preserved windows amplify the aura of your place. Mercurial changes in temperature, climate, dust and debris all have their toll on windows. With the advent of summer, humidity and thunderstorms with heavy rains pose great challenges in maintaining your windows. Maintaining the shine of your windows requires tremendous efforts and often professional help. Here are the 6 tips for the longevity of your windows and for maintaining their shine this summer.

1. Cleaning

Wiping down the window panes with a wet cloth intermittently clears the dust and dirt that may be sticking to it. PVC and metallic window frames need special care. You should wash them with a mild detergent or soap water and soft scrubbing brush. One must ensure cleaning the window casing and adjoining wall area also. This doesn’t let the dirt and debris build-up in the window components, which may lead to jamming of windows. Vinegar is also an important cleaning agent. It is antibacterial. Being non-toxic, it is safe to use as well. You can easily make your own vinegar window washing solution. You may consider preparing a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar and then using a pair of rubber gloves to clean the blinds by sliding your gloved fingers.

2. Repairing Damaged Parts

Taking a long time to respond to a damage will lead to severe deterioration of your windows. If you identify the rot sections of the wooden windows, then you should scoop out the bad portion using a sharp tool like screwdriver and then fill the hole with epoxy putty. In case of glass panes with metallic frames, if you encounter any damage, you can hire professionals for glass repair in Sydney.   Being the industry experts, they can easily replace the broken glass or repair the windowpane.

3. Regular Inspection

You should be observant enough to notice moisture on your window pane. A thorough inspection of windows before the advent of summer is a crucial step for keeping your windows shiny. A failed seal decreases the insulation capability of your windows.  Check if the seal has failed and has been replaced. If your window is tinted or painted, check if the paint has been peeled off in certain areas. The peeled off areas of glass windows are subjected to repeated cooling and heating; thus, making them brittle.

Air infiltration is the air that enters the workspace through cracks, flaws and gaps in the doors, windows and other openings like ducts and veins. You can even use sensors like metal probes to detect signs of rot. Many property owners face the problem of moisture behind the walls. One can opt for Infrared based devices to detect the moisture.

4. Sealing

Weather stripping is a seal used to cover the area between the window sash and window pane. Although this is made of durable materials, it will deteriorate over time. It will lead to infiltration of excess moisture and humidity into your home during the summer. One should monitor the weathering of the seal and replace them when they are worn. You can opt for spray-type emulsion-based insulation as seals. Window caulking deteriorates over time. You can replace caulking on your own or take help from a professional service.

5. Repainting

Consider repainting the window frames every four to five years. It prevents them from corrosion and rot. Thus, their appearance is maintained. One should be careful enough to apply paint only after cleaning the windows. You should be wary not to paint over the movable parts because that can cause the window to be stuck.

6. Automation and Technological Inputs

If you lack the time to maintain your windows, then you can invest in automatic window cleaning systems. Autonomous navigation robots can ease your task. With these gadgets available at your disposal, you don’t have to rely on holidays for cleaning your window panes.

A sparkling window is a desire for people with eclectic taste in home decor. Very often the energy consumption in your house like air conditioning systems is also dependent on room temperature which gets affected due to leaks in windows. So, with summer around the corner, it’s time to get serious about your windows.

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