6 Budget-Friendly Kitchen Upgrades For 2018

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to cut off an arm and a leg to make your kitchen look beautiful. Or even to make it look more expensive than it actually is. Money is tight in today’s economy, and nobody will judge you for going the more frugal route when it comes to expenses. That’s why a lot of the upgrades you’re about to learn deal with aesthetically upgrading your kitchen – as opposed to “true” renovation that involves removal, reconstruction and replacement. Let’s talk about a few ways to remodel your kitchen for a fraction of the real cost.

Here’s a tip right off the bat: Any area looks more expensive when it’s clean and clutter-free.

1. Update Hardware

Oftentimes, it doesn’t take much to upgrade the look of a kitchen other than replacing hardware. Start with metal corners such as hinges, knobs or pull handles, and faucets (which is admittedly a big-ticket item and should be well left alone). They don’t require a lot of work or expense and can “test out” your kitchen for the first steps of the upgrade process. (Like buying shoes first before updating the rest of your wardrobe.)

2. All You Need Is Paint

Sometimes, a simple change of paint is all you need to make your kitchen look updated for 2018. How simple of a change? Well, that depends on how good your “eye” for colour is. Compare the differences a fresh coat of paint on cabinets makes; not to just the aesthetic, but to the look (and feel) of the kitchen itself as a whole.

3. Convert to Wood

The “reclaimed wood” style is fantastic as a throwback to a simpler time gone by. It just “oozes” sophistication and timelessness. Therefore, a “pecky cypress” re-finishing is a wood with a grainy texture full of long cavities. This works on cabinetry or worktops (like those provided by Corian Worktop) as well as furniture or wall panelling.

4. Darker Floors

This is one of those “designer” principles that should rarely be broken (and only then by interior designing professionals). If your cabinetry or walls have a lighter paint, your floor colour must be darker to avoid a passé and—ultimately—ugly kitchen space. Dark floors mixed with light walls make a room cozy beyond belief. Break this principle at your own expense.

5. Go Metal

The open shelve trend is a long-standing trend for a reason. If your centrepiece (or any area) doesn’t have upper cabinetry (making your kitchen look empty and unfinished), consider assigning uppers made of brass, copper or steel sheeting. It will make your room simply extravagant, undeniably warm and ageless.  Really, any metal upgrade will add a wonderful juxtaposition to your kitchen.

6. Embrace Black Appliances

Stainless steel has its time and place – as it is a classic choice for appliances (and in some cases, countertops). Why not liven things up by opting for black and slate kitchen appliances? They certainly make a room less drab and predictable.


Remember, all the change you might need can come in the form of a tidier, cleaner kitchen. Before purchasing any upgrade, simply clean your kitchen to see if that’s all you need. However, know that all the updates you’ve just read about can be finished in a weekend! Have fun.

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