6 Architectural Wonders That Can Only Be Found in Spain

Spain is land of exquisite architecture and culture. Some of the first humans have been known to settle at the land which is in present day called Spain. Through centuries, Spain has undergone through different reigns which explains the diverse architecture of the country. The Romans were one of the first to conquer Spain and they have been known for their architecture all around the world. There were many architectural styles like Gothic, renaissance and Mudejar but the one that had the highest impact and made a greater influence was the Colonial Spanish Architecture which was introduced in the early 1660s by the Americans colonizing Spain. Some of the greatest marvels of architecture are from this era. Let’s take a look at few awe-inspiring pieces of work.

1. Sagrada Familia

There is nothing better to begin with than Sagrada Familia when it comes to marvelous structures in Spain. It was designed by one of the most renowned architects of Spain, Antoni Gaudi. This is one of the most beautiful churches of not just Spain but around the world. The construction which began in 1882 has still not been completed and is expected to finish by 2026. The grandeur and beauty of the structure is an example of a masterpiece for all the architects in the world.

2. Museo Guggenheim, Bilbao

Spain architecture has never failed to amuse and so is the case with the museum Museo Guggenheim in Bilbao which was opened to the public in 1997.  Regarded as one of the most beautiful structures in world, it was designed by Frank Gehry along the banks of river Nervion. The materials used for construction is what distincts it from others. Titanium blocks, stones and glass are blended in irregular shapes and are interconnected. This reflects light in a beautiful way.

3. Torre Agbar, Barcelona

One of the sheer architectural wonders amidst the city of Barcelona is the building that functions as the municipal water corporation of the city. The 38-storey building in the most American sense is not exactly a skyscraper but overlooks the city with its grandeur. Torre Agbar is a concrete structure crowned by glass and supported by a steel frame for its rigidity. There are multi-coloured aluminum facades behind the glass louvers in 25 different colours which make for an attractive looking building.

4. Hotel Marques de Riscal, Elciego, Rioja

Another of Frank Gehry’s masterpiece, this hotel is located amidst one of Spain’s oldest Wineries. The construction is of sandstone cubes topped with curvy metal ribbons which make for a one of a kind look. This unique building has its colour buds twisted too with the sweeping strips colored in pink and Gold  giving an all funky glittery attire. If it is property for sale in Menorca that you are looking for, head over soon.

5. Parc Güell, Barcelona

When browsing about Spanish architecture, one name is bound to pop a hundred times and that is none other than Antoni Gaudi. One of the marvelous structure in the city was built for housing purpose, however failed to do so. It houses a structure called a mind house, which has three floors and an attic with its roof painted. It is considered a remarkable feature of the place.

6. Casa Batlló, Barcelona

The name of the building suggests a palace like structure doesn’t it? Well it is no less. Built in 1877 for housing middle class families, the structure lacks any type of straight walls and windows. The peculiarity of the place is its oval shaped windows and roofs. It is decorated with broken glass mosaic on the outside. The structure also boasts an eventful interior.

These are just a few marvelous structures of Spain and there are so many more which makes Spain a tourist destination like none other. The natural beauty when combined with these beautiful complex buildings is a sight one can only dream of and that’s exactly why Spain should definitely be on your bucket list.

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