5 Ways to Give Your Home a Futuristic Look

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When you think of the future, you probably think about decades from now when homes will be able to talk to you and cars will be able to drive themselves. Well, that future is far sooner than you might think because both of those things are already a reality in many places! Giving your home a futuristic look has never been easier with the rapid rise of technology that can make your life much easier and fun. Keep reading down below to learn more about the top gadgets you can add to your home to give it a super futuristic look.
1. Transparent TVs
First, we have something that may knock your breath away a bit – transparent TVs. That’s right! Gone are the day where you’ll have to have a huge metal block in your living room that ruins the aesthetic of the room. Now, you can have a transparent LED TV that will be completely see-through when you turn it off. It’s going to blend in perfectly with the surroundings and not even seem like it’s there! How crazy does that sound? Unfortunately, these are not on the market just yet, but there are plenty of prototypes floating around, meaning that a release onto the market could be right around the corner.
2. Floor Plan Light Switch
One of the most annoying parts of your house is probably that one light switch panel that has so many light switches, there’s no chance of you figuring out which one is which. A great way to get rid of that panel and replace it with a futuristic panel is a floor plan light switch. This digital panel will give you the best idea of where each of your lights are and allow you to just click on which one you want to turn on. You can install this where your old light switch was to make your life a whole lot easier when you want to turn on some light in a room.
3. The RIMA Lamp
This next one is a really great idea to add to your office space or to your bedroom. The RIMA lamp is a lamp that comes with a set of 65 LED lights. You use two rings to slide and adjust the amount of light that you want. The lamp uses optical sensors to determine the position of the rings and figure out which of the lights to turn on. This is perfect for your office when you want to lower down the light a bit or in bed when you want to keep the light on, but your partner doesn’t. Even though this one is just a concept, it could soon be a reality in your house! We’ve only just started to breach the surface of future homes and this lamp could be the next addition to yours.
4. Airocide Air Purifier
When it comes to the air in your house, you want it to be as pure as possible right? Well, then this air purifier is going to do that for you. Not only does it look futuristic, but it was actually developed by NASA scientists, so you know that it’s the real deal. This air purifier will take all of those toxins out of the air and ensure that your air is pure to breath when you’re at home.
5. Calypso Key and Case
And lastly, we have the Calypso Key and Case. This is the perfect gadget for those of you who constantly lose the keys to your home. With a simple NFC device on your door, you can look and unlock your door with your phone. How simple does that sound? No more fumbling around and trying to look for your keys. Just swipe your phone and your door will unlock!
There you have it – these are the top ways that you can make your home look and feel more futuristic. Which devices are you most excited to come out of development?

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