5 Tips to Help You Keep Your Back Lawn Clean & Green

You’ve spent your hard-earned money to afford a decent home with a great back lawn. But to your dismay, maintaining it is much harder than it looks! A clean lawn is not only pleasant to look at, but also a crucial facet of home maintenance. Cleaning a lawn is not as straightforward as cleaning the inside of your home. They are victims of the outdoors, and as a result can be difficult to maintain.  However, this article will help clear your doubts and help you keep your lawn nice and green.

1. Mowing the Lawn

If you have a lawn, odds are that your own a lawnmower. Mowing the lawn is a
necessity, but simply pushing your lawnmower over the grass will not be sufficient. The length of the cut grass is significant, as cutting it too short can cause weeds to erupt. Cutting it too high will have little benefit. Long grass means longer roots, which is extremely desirable. Different types of grass should be cut to different lengths during different seasons. Check with a landscaper to understand the correct length. Make sure to keep the blades nice and sharp. Technique is also extremely important. Instead of mowing in a single direction, consider mowing in different directions as well!

2. Watering

Lawns need water. Lots of it. However, there are a number of rules you should keep in mind the next time you water your lawn. Try to water it as early as possible. This gives the grass to soak up as much water as possible. Putting this task off until later in the day can cause some of the water to be wasted through evaporation. Water more during extreme heat, and do not neglect it during winter time. Lawns are susceptible to frost damage when dry. But how much should you water? The gold standard is one to one and a half inches. Also, watering deep is more important to watering often.

3. Weeding

This is an arduous but necessary task. Weeds can quickly build up if not kept in check. They can inhibit growth as they steal much of the nutrients required for grass growth.  As mentioned above, keep the grass long to prevent weed growth. While weeding by hand is preferred, you may choose to use various products available on the market. But be wary and do your research as many of these products are unsafe for the soil and the microbes present in it.

4. Fertilizers

While we would like to give our lawns a natural feel, the elements may force you to use fertilizer to aid grass growth. Different lawns require different fertilizers, so make sure to research what your lawn needs. Do not make the mistake of fertilizing by hand. Instead, consider a lawn spreader or broadcast spreader.  You can even let freshly cut grass fertilize your lawn. A mulching blade attachment to your lawn mower will help you cut grass into even smaller pieces. Once finished, make sure to keep the leftover fertilizer in a nice and cool place.

5. Clearing Debris

This is one of the fastest ways to make your lawn look nice and clean. Consider installing a shed to store unused garden machinery and equipment. This will not only unclutter your lawn, but it’ll also keep you from losing any important tools. Garden tools can pose a threat to children and should be removed as soon as they are used. Make sure to care for patio furniture by giving them a quick wash and paint every so often.

Lawns are an important addition to any well-rounded household. They can bring an element of nature literally in your backyard. They do require constant care and maintaining them can be difficult. However, it is well worth the effort once you see how wholesome it looks after the hard work!

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