5 Strange Metal Buildings That Will Amaze You

Steel buildings have given more and more architects the ability to be as creative as possible. Steel having incredible versatility, coupled with the fact that its easily upgradable and strong. When architects settle on steel you can expect sometimes for some truly strange results.

Strange buildings pop up all the time. A lot of times we just point and laugh, but other times they leave us with our jaws on the floor. Here are some of the strangest buildings around that will surely amaze you.
1. Rotating Tower in Dubai, UAE
This building comes straight out of the imagination of an architectural dreamer. Your eyes will be amazed at what this building has been designed [to perfection] to do. It’s the world first ever building put into motion. That’s right, we’re talking about a building that will move and rotate all on its own.
This steel building was created by architect Dr. David Fisher. Who designed the building to be able to rotate itself to adjust for wind, sunlight, and all other weather conditions. Rotating each floor separately in fact. It’s safe to say that how you look at the building one day will not be how the building looks another. It’s very unlikely to see this building in the same positions twice as it is constantly ever changing.
The most prolific designed technique in this building is the buildings ability to generate its own energy. It can even generate energy for some of the other surrounding buildings as well. Thanks to specialized wind turbines that sit between each rotating floor, all 79 turbines combine to produce an alternative green energy source. All this, and it ONLY took 2 billion Dirhams ($544,499,200 USD)
2. Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, California
Photo by Blatant Views, CC BY 2.0
Little needs to be said about Walt Disney’s creative mind. The man who built an empire of joy for all to love. It’s only fitting that any building with his name on it be, well…as unique in creativity as the man himself was. When the great Walt Disney Concert Hall finally opened in 2003, it showed a true Walt Disney feel in being a strangely unique building.
One of a kind certainly is the best phrase for it. Designed by Frank Gehry, who if you’re not aware (as most of us aren’t) Gehry’s visions have lead him to be one of the most influential architects of our generation.
You can’t help but to look at this building in amazement. The stainless-steel exterior seems like something out of the future. Its unique angles, rounded wavy sides, it hard not to look at it. Leaving it to be one of the most unforgettable exteriors you will ever see. But no concert hall would be regarded as one of best in the world without a flawless design to provide otherworldly acoustics.
3. The Barcode Building in St. Petersburg, Russia
We all know what a barcode is. That’s why where you see it as the name of a building it seems to make you scratch your head, and have you intrigued. Just how I was when I came across this strange beauty. 
Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, don’t worry. The steel framed building stands so far out in the crowd for more than just its strange design. Imagine being in a black and white world, and turning to see a bright, fire engine red building shaped like a giant Barcode in the middle of everything. Eye catching, isn’t it?
This building is essentially a perfect square. With its entry face being from ground to roof the design of a Barcode. Including the numbers, which are as well typically found on a Barcode. Next time you find yourself in St. Petersburg, it may be worth making a detour for.
4. The Atomium In Brussels, Belgium
Photo by La Citta Vita, CC BY-SA 2.0
This is without a doubt the oldest building on this list, having been built in 1958. It may have had some needed renovation done between ’04 and ’06, but this beautiful oddity is still standing proudly in Brussels.
Architect André Waterkeyn designed this steel building which stands a little over 100 meters (328 feet) tall. Creatively included are brilliant steel spheres that connect to the main building, forming what appears to be a unit cell. During the renovations, they removed a lot of the aluminum components and exchanged them for new steel, a lot like the quality of Buck Steel.
The added steel allows future expansions and renovations to be quicker and easier; Thanks to the wonderful versatility of steel.
5. Robot Building in Bangkok, Thailand
Photo by Oran Viriyincy, CC BY-SA 2.0
Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto probably just started playing in your head. I don’t blame you at all. It’s still in my head as I write this. But the Robot Building is one of Thailand’s most unique sights to see. At any moment, it appears this robot can just easily start moving and walk away. Science fiction fans just fainted at the thought.
This building really looks like someone places a giant toy in the middle of Bangkok. It’s a legitimate robot. Well—on the exterior anyways. In the heart of the Sathorn business district you will stumble upon this massive Robot Building. Originally designed to personify the computerization of banking, but the original company had since left this home. 
A style that combines the high-tech postmodern with the neoclassic style of architecture, this Robot Building has all the aspects of being a robot. From its eyes on the exterior, antennas on the roof, receding walls that give the robot a familiar body. Just like the old comics and toys. This steel classic is one of the last building in Bangkok that symbolized modern architecture.
Steel is incredible versatile. It doesn’t even require architects most of the time. But when architects are involved you can receive some of the wildest and imaginative buildings as part of their vision. Strange isn’t a bad thing. Strange means “one in a million”, which bring a whole new brand of creativity to the otherwise generic buildings. What some of these geniuses came up with using steel is simply astonishing. Strange, yes, but are you amazed? Take a look to find out.

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