5 Safety Measures Every Construction Worker Should Follow

Construction workers are at a high risk of being unsafe during their work process. There is a number of constructions works that put the life of construction workers at risk. If the work is not done without keeping certain safety guidelines in mind, it can prove to be fatal. There should be strict safety measures that need to be followed at all construction sites. The safety measure should be taken seriously because the workers are risking their life and a little incident can leave them permanently disabled. It is important for the employer as well as the worker to keep them safe and secure.

Here are five safety measures every construction worker should follow:

1. Training and Checking

As a construction worker, you should know in detail the type of work that you would be required to do. The work and the risk involved are different in various kinds of constructions that happen. Make sure you are well trained to do the kind of work that is demanded by the employer. You should also be given training by your employer. Make sure you check all the equipment like scaffolds, ladders and other machinery for any kind of problem that might be dangerous for you. It is important that this equipment is regularly checked and if you feel that there is a problem; don’t hesitate to inform your supervisor.

2. Emergency Plans

Emergencies are unpredictable in every case. The construction work is dangerous and more vulnerable to any kind of emergency. As a construction worker, you should be aware of the emergencies that can arise. Along with that, you should know the course of action during this emergency. Ask your employer if they have a button like a school panic button. You should also be aware of the process of helping someone who has been injured. Natural disaster and other emergencies should also be kept in mind while training the workers. You should be well informed and trained to reduce risks and injuries.

3. Equipment and Protection

The variety of work involved in construction calls for the right kind of equipment. Make sure you are provided with equipment that does not violate your safety guidelines. The employer should provide you with the necessary clothing and protection required for the work. You should be provided with head protection and safety glasses.  Depending on the kind of work, you should be protected from excessive noise, falling risks, harsh environment and every other kind of work that puts your life at risk. It is important to wear these protective clothing and equipment to save yourself from any kind of risk. You should not be careless during your work and be alert at all times.

4. Electricity

During a construction, there is a lot of electricity circuit involved. Some equipment needs to be plugged in while a lot of heavy machinery uses electricity. While electricity does make your work easier, it is also very important to know the guidelines to be followed while using the equipment. Don’t overload a machine more than it can bear. If you’re unsure about the working of any equipment, ask around for help and guidance. You should also be very careful to keep all electrical instruments away from water. Communicate clearly with your operator.

5. Fire and First Aid

Fire at construction site is extremely common because of the different kinds of equipment and chemicals. To avoid any kind of mishap, all kinds of chemicals should be stored separately. You should not be using equipment that can cause a fire without knowing its working and usage. You should also know what needs to be done in case there is a fire. Your employer should provide and train you to use a fire hose. You should also be aware of all exit routes. First aid kit should also be available at all times to keep the workers safe and help them in case of a minor incident.
Safety should always be the prime concern of everyone. Make sure you’re alert at all times and give due importance to every safety guideline.

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