5 Reasons Why Your Electricity Bills Are Increasing

There can be many reasons why your electricity bills are increasing and not all of them have to be related to over using electrical appliances. Sometimes despite our best efforts to save electricity by cutting down its use, not much difference is obtained when it comes to our electricity bills. If we just knew the exact cause, saving costs on electricity bills could be achieved easily and this is the reason why we bring you some reasons why your electricity bills might be high. After going through them, you will be able to take appropriate precautions and actually see your electricity bills go down substantially.

1. Electrical Appliances Are Not Energy Efficient

Depending on their use, electrical appliances consume most of the electricity of your house and therefore it is important that you use energy efficient appliances. For example, if you have an electric furnace that consumes more electricity than what is necessary, contact Seattle.FurnaceUSA.com to find a more energy efficient model that will save you major chunks of money in the future. The same is true for light bulbs and if you are still not using LED lights than you are living decades behind. LED light bulbs will cost you around ninety percent less energy, will give you brighter light and will last longer than traditional light bulbs.

2. There Is A Lack of Insulation

Electricity bills can also increase if there is a lack of proper routing of heating and cooling in your house. Insulation is important because it will make your furnace work more efficiently and not waste more energy than what is required. Improper insulation means that your HVAC units are doing less work using more energy and this leads to sheer wastage of electricity which leads to an increase in electricity bills.

3. Extreme Weather Fluctuations

Heating and cooling can be drastically affected if there are extreme weather fluctuations in your area. Now this is something that you can’t control and therefore you will have to look for alternative methods to save electricity in this case. One way is by programming your thermostat to prevent unnecessary electricity consumption. Increase the temperature of your thermostat by only one degree in the summers and you will be able to save about three percent on your electricity bills. Similarly, lower the thermostat by one degree in the winters to save your electricity bills by about five percent.

4. Water Heater

You might be setting the temperature on your water heater higher than what it is required. When you lower the temperature of your water heater, less electricity will be used to heat the water. You can also make minor modifications on your water heater to save that extra amount of energy and make it more energy efficient. One way is to put an insulation jacket and add extra insulation to the pipe’s exteriors. This will help lock in the temperature more and lower your electricity bills by a substantial amount.

5. Not Using Appliances Correctly

If you are confused why your energy efficient appliances are consuming more energy than the fault might be in the way you are using them. There are many things that you could be doing wrong, for example not cleaning the AC air filters or your vacuum before running them. If appliances are not clean, they have to work twice as much harder to do the job and this consumes more energy than what is needed. Some of the things that you can do are clean your appliances properly before use, install a dimmer indicator on your light bulbs, fill your refrigerator but don’t crowd it and check if the heated dry setting is switched off on your dishwasher.

The above reasons will help you figure out if your electricity bills are increasing and this way you can take the necessary measures to save on both energy and electricity.

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