5 Most Popular Architectural Home Styles

Victorian Style Home

With the onset of masonry in the Neolithic period, architectural styles have developed in the most varied of forms and distinctive elements. Architectural style not only refers to the placements of the different units in a building but also refers to the artistic aesthetic which can reflect the regional influences as well as the architect’s knack of design. The various architectural styles often reflect the cultural influences from the region of its origination and also the climatic condition of the region. The history of architecture can be traced back to the Neolithic period when the first settlers fashioned colonies made of stone houses for shelter against the nature’s forces. Today Home Architecture has spawned into several iconic and distinctive styles, the most popular one of them are listed below.

1. Victorian Style


Victorian Style Home

Image Credits @ Nancy Chow

The Victorian Style emerged in the early-mid 19th century in Britain under the reign of Queen Victoria. The industrial revolution in Britain was instrumental in the design of these typical British houses. The style was developed by combining the simplicity of the regency style and the artistic approach of the Gothic-Revival style. Bay windows, projected porches and Grey slate roofs are few of the typical features of the Victorian style houses. Due to the developing economy of Britain during the industrial revolution the Victorian style was developed and provided an architectural guideline for house building irrespective of the social stature.

2. Cape Cod Style


Cape Cod Style Home

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Emerging in the 17th century United States, Cape Cod style originates from New England. The Cape Cod style is exemplary of the British influence on the US culture in the 17th century with a simple and symmetrical design. Using the English Hall and Parlor architectural style as a model, the Cape Cod Style houses provided the best protection from the stormy and cold climate of New England. The typical Cape Cod houses feature a central chimney, steep roof and a low but broad frame and have a single front door and 2 windows on either sides of the building.

3. Art Deco Style


Art Deco Style Home

Image Credits @ Gordon Dobson

The style originated in the early 20th century France after the First World War. The Style combines the modern day imagery and geometrical shapes with the artistic flair of the Gothic style French architecture. The French architect Le Corbusier is considered solely responsible for the development and popularity of Art Deco architectural style. The style is not only limited to housing and building architecture and design but has deeply influenced design concepts used in jewelry, industrial design, fashion and cinema etc.

4. Bungalow Style


Bungalow Style Home

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The origination of the Bungalow style is attributed to pre-colonial India, where single storied houses with a wide veranda were made available for the sailors of the British East India Company. The formerly simple lodgings later became a name for the lavish houses of the officers of the British Raj. Bungalow style became popular in Britain and the US in the 19th century and the layout was used for both small and large houses. Due to the absence of stairs between the rooms, bungalows are most popular among the elderly homeowners or people with impaired mobility.

5. Gothic Revival


Gothic Revival Mansion

Image Credits @ Jon Curtis

Gothic Revival is also known as Victorian Revival, Neo-Revival and Jigsaw Gothic and began as an architectural movement in the late 18th century in England. The style developed as a need to revive the Gothic architecture that prevailed in France between the 12th and the 16th centuries. The Anglo Catholic and Medievalism influences were clearly evidenced by the tall spires, Stained-glass windows and artistic motifs that characterized the Gothic Revival Buildings.

With over a hundreds of architectural styles, developed over the course of human civilization, choosing the top 5 is a tough task. The above mentioned 5 architectural styles are perhaps the most famous and the most iconic architectural styles of all times and are still in use in various parts of the world. For more information on how to choose the best architectural styles for your dream home please check it here at HomeStart.net.au. The website provides good information on how to plan your dream home and keep yourself updated with the latest offers on home finance.

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