5 Advantages of LED Lighting in Parking Lots

Every business needs a parking lot – whether it’s on the street or on the commercial property. Badly-lit parking lots invite crime. Criminals know that, since no one can see them, they can get away with assaulting, stealing (or worse) from your customers at night. Poor lighting also paints your business in a bad light due to the insufficient amount of light coverage compared to the property size; that is where companies providing commercial lighting supply can help you to better light your parking lot at a fraction of traditional lighting cost. Here are several advantages that LED illumination has over traditional lighting choices in parking lots.

1. Savings

Bulbs deteriorate over time. This lumen depreciation (such as metal halide and HPS) experience a quicker rate of depreciation than LED products. This means that LEDs last longer (some have a lifespan of 11+ years), which means you pay less on replacement bulbs during that time. This means you are saving money over the long-term, compared to replacing traditional bulbs in your parking lot every few months. (Not to mention the labor costs of doing so.)

2. Energy

Because this tech uses such a low amount of electricity, its wattage power (usually 40-100 watts) virtually leaves no dent in your wallet. This is because it uses a 30%-70% reduction in energy consumption. Since finding ways to save money is important in any business, a reduced energy bill is a good enough way to do that. Allowing you to allocate more money towards other expenditures, such as security guards or surveillance cameras.

3. Brightness

How long ago was your parking lot developed? If it is more than a decade old, it was most likely installed with halide or fluorescent lights; LED lights became mainstream popular only during the last few years. Traditional lighting uses either a ballast or a gas method for illuminating areas. This means they are inefficient compared to LED bulbs, which are drastically brighter (as any picture will show you) than traditional bulbs. They simply feel like they are full of life.

4. Protection

Because LED technology drastically shines brighter, illuminating more area coverage, people are able to see (and be seen) more easily. This means that if an attacker decides to prowl your parking lot for a next victim, there aren’t a lot of spaces for him/her to hide. Crimes that happen in parking lots attract attention from the media (both local and social) – painting your business as an unfit, dangerous place. This gives people a reason to stay away from your business, even during the day.

5. Performance

LED lights have a multi-point design. This design lets them distribute lights precisely on a fixed, intended (and even) surface. Not to mention that they’re also available in a wide arrange of colour temperatures (i.e brightness). This design means that light levels across a surface are even, and do not drop off. Compare this to traditional light fixtures that shine brightest on one area (usually directly below the bulb), then fanes off.


Customers, clients and colleagues may be detracted by a poorly lit parking lot. Aside from the topic of safety, another issue could be presenting a bad brand image. Flickering or buzzing lights paint your business in a bad light. LED bulbs do not flicker or buzz – even during their last few months of operation. Halide and HPS are outdated technologies and should be replaced as soon as possible. Your parking lot is the first impression customers have about your business – make it a good one by having a professionally-lit parking lot (at virtually no expense).

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