5 Advantages of Installing Metal Roofing In Your Home

A properly installed roof is an important part of your home as it gives the required protection to your house. If the weather conditions where you live are extreme then they can cause a lot of damage to your house and therefore you need to choose the proper kind of roofing material. Metal roofing is one of the most preferred one and many people use it because it offers several benefits. Therefore, to help you make the right decision to secure and protect your house; here are some reasons why you need to choose metal roofing:

1. It will last longer

When you install a metal roof properly then it will definitely last longer then all its counterparts. The metal roof is stronger, prevents the rainwater from seeping inside during heavy rain falls, it withstands high winds and sheds off snow during heavy snowfalls. Metal is resistant to lots of things like fire, insects like termites and therefore stays as good as new for a longer period of time. If you add paint to you metal roofing then your metal roof will last for about thirty years.

2. It Has a Lighter Weight Comparatively

If you compare different types of roofing materials like concrete, metal roofing has a lighter weight comparatively. The different types of metals that you can use for your metal roofing can be many but the most popular ones are aluminum, copper and galvanized steel. All these metals are lighter as compared to heavy concrete and therefore can be easily installed on your roof without utilizing heavy labor force. It is also advisable to choose a lightweight material for roofing if you live in an earthquake prone region. Therefore, whatever metal roofing materials you choose, the choice would be better than choosing concrete.

3. They Can Be Installed Easily

As stated above, metal roofing is lightweight as compared to other types of roofing materials and therefore they are easier to install. The majority of metal roofing materials come in multiple sections or in different inch sized panels. A contractor who knows his trade can install these panels quickly and easily with enough time to spare. When you reduce the installing process then there are many benefits that you can get. Your contractor can concentrate on other important aspects of your house without giving all his energy to just the roofing, if there is any emergency like a weather warning etc, a completed roof will prevent substantial damage to your house by outside forces. Also, because the material has a lightweight, you can save a lot of money on the building’s engineering.

4.  Metal Roofs Have Better Fire Resistance

Metal materials used in roofing are noncombustible and therefore they have a Class A rating when it comes to fire protection. This rating means that metal roofing is the most resistant to fire as compared to other metals out there. The materials beneath the roof also matter and therefore metal roofs are installed on top of combustible materials that have a lower fire rating like wood.

5. Minimal Maintenance Required

Metal roofing requires no or very minimum maintenance and you can also easily clean them with water.  Therefore not only your metal roofing will last longer but you also don’t have to invest much when it comes to their maintenance. The average warranty of most metal roofs is 10 to 15 years with little or no maintenance.

So the above were the five reasons why you need to have metal roofing installed in your new house. The above points are only a part of the whole story and metal roofing has many other benefits like energy efficiency, a favorable environment impact, a higher return on investment among others.

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