21 Bedroom Design Ideas for Teenage Girls

If you’re struggling to come up with a unique way to decorate your teenage girl’s bedroom, then you’ll have to get out of the adult frame of mind. You will have to begin by seeing the world through her eyes. Her room will need to be more than a place to retire for the night. It will have to serve as a place to entertain, to study, and to engage in many of her favorite activities. Below are 21 simple suggestions that will help you to start thinking in the right direction.

1. It’s Not Your Room

Before you begin making plans, think about your daughter’s personality. She will more than likely be up to date on the latest style trends and have ideas of her own. There are many types of interior styles to choose from, so choose on that reflects more of who she is in the room.

2. Consider Function

Give her a little independence. Find ways she can treat the room as her own private domain. It isn’t just about the size but it’s about the versatility. Give the room sections where she has space to study, entertain, and sleep.

3. Go Vertical

If the room is small, take advantage of the upper space for storage and displays. Start with a sturdy writing surface and build upwards making sure that everything is accessible.

4. Day Beds

Placing a day bed lengthwise against the wall gives her more floor space to move around in. You can top it off with a nice white mosquito netting to give the room a more exotic look.

5. Accentuate

Once you have the main furniture in place, accentuate it with throw pillows, matching bedding, and a rug. This will bring all the features together while still keeping each area separate.

6. Be Bold

Use vibrant colors that bring life and energy into the room. Start with a bright wall treatment with textured wallpaper, graffiti treatments, or even neon lights.

7. Be Daring

Do something unique that won’t be found in any other teenage girl’s room. Think about adding a swing, hanging the bed from the ceiling, or adding unusually shaped furniture.

8. Go for Texture

Use a variety of different textures. These different elements can help her to feel more relaxed. Consider textured wallpaper, velvet accessories, plush bedding, and lighter curtains.

9. Don’t Forget Storage

It doesn’t have to be the traditional dresser and night table combination, but could include a hope chest, under-the-bed options, or even storage benches.

10. Use Layers

If your girls are sharing a room, use dividers so they each have their own space. Areas can be separated with rugs, curtains, or other furnishings so each girl can put her own stamp on her side.

11. Go Wild With the Accessories

Beyond essential furnishings you can go a little crazy. Have fun coming up with some quirky accessories. Girls’ tastes will change over the years and these little additions can be easier to swap out than the larger furnishings.

12. They Need Privacy

Give them a space where they can separate from everything and unwind. Create a reading center or an art or music area where they can escape to when they need a break.

13. Showcase Their Accomplishments

Have a place where they can showcase their skills. If they are into sports, clubs, or competitions, have an area that shows off their accomplishments. It gives them a source of pride.

14. Aim For Balance

Decorate one section with calmer and more subtle accents to give the room some level of balance and make it feel cozier.

15. Use Their Favorite Color

Don’t be afraid to go over the top with their favorite color. Match the bedding to the lighting and accentuate it with different textures to add a little warmth.

16. Have a Theme

Choose a theme for the room that suits your daughter’s personal interests and sense of style.

17. Put Her Stamp In It

Have motifs made with her name. These can be made into decals for the walls or as small accents for her desk. This will give her a sense of ownership and belonging.

18. Add Lots of Color

If she is into sports, you can use the brighter colors, but if she is a girly girl go for the lighter pastels. Layer them with at least three or four different colors so it looks more grown up.

19. Add Some Fancy Lighting

Have a little fun with unique lighting. Consider putting in a few Chinese lamps or an old antique chandelier to give the room a more exotic or traditional effect.

20. Have a Make-Up Space

Give her an area to experiment with this new phase in her life. A vanity, complete with a full-length mirror so she can experiment with new fashion and make-up ideas.

21. Add Some Personal Photos

Having personal or family photos framed and displayed around the room will give her a sense of belonging to a unit but also give her a feeling of independence too.

Coming up with the right idea for your teenage girl’s bedroom doesn’t have to be hard. Think color, pattern, texture, and personality and you’ve got it done. All that’s left is to have fun. With these elements, you’ll have a room that will be ideal for whoever she hopes to be in the future.

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