15 All-Time Best Garage Designs


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Whether you’ve got a fancy luxury car or a sports car that you haven’t been able to take your eyes off, all your cars deserve to live in a home as lavish as that of yours. A garage might just be home to vehicles and all mechanical knickknacks, but decorating it and making it look finer than it does will probably give you something fun to do and give your car a pretty place to reside in. To make our case stronger, let us take you through the 15 best garage designs of all time.
1. Holger Schubert’s Minimalist Garage, Los Angeles
Every car merging into an interior that looks like its natural habitat is what is presented within Holger Schubert’s Minimalist Garage. With couches, armchairs and a television in various places alongside a certain car, this is one of the most lavish car park spaces in the world.
2. Vintage Wheels at Psychiko House, Athens
Incredible artwork, luxury cars and a spacious environment that looks and feels peaceful beyond belief, Vintage Wheels at Psychiko House in Athens takes the cake in the department of elegant structures.
3. Cabana House Shed Space, Philadelphia
Something that a lot of us would be able to recreate in our own homes, the Cabana House Shed Space in Philadelphia is a simple, sleek and elegant residence of cars which not only provides perfect spaces but garage builders won’t find it difficult to imitate.
4. Luxury Garage for A Refined Residence, Connecticut
A garage that looks like a barn yet comes with the most luxurious car park spaces ever, Luxury Garage in Connecticut is a glorious example of pristine architecture when it comes to parking spaces.
5. Kre House, Tokyo
A space where you can’t differentiate between the home and the garage is what comes to life in KRE House by Takuya Tsuchida in Tokyo. In such an innovative space where a living room looks like a garage and a garage is home to a tree in the middle with the car, there’s nothing that won’t surprise you here.
6. Jerry Seinfeld’s Garage, New York
Comedian Jerry Seinfeld displays his gorgeous collection of cars inside his private garage, which spans a total of three storeys, each home to the numerous cars that
Seinfeld owns. The garage also includes a kitchenette, a billiard table and a bathroom along with the cars.
7. Ralph Lauren’s D.A.D Garage, New York
With a collection of over 60 cars, Ralph Lauren put all his splendid cars together in his private garage that covers two levels. Cars sit on stainless steel counters and give it a museum-like appearance.
8. Michigan Theatre Parking Garage, Detroit
With a vintage appeal like no other, the Michigan Theatre Parking Garage makes you feel like you went back in time within the midst of a completely urban and developed background. Created deliberately in a part that presents decaying walls, this garage is a splendid representation of a wide space that can incorporate ancient art as well as numerous vehicles.
9. Eureka Car Park, Melbourne
Set your car into the beautiful and colourful Eureka Car Park in Melbourne, where the walls and pillars are bedecked with painted words to indicate ‘up’, ‘down’, ‘in’, or ‘out’ to the car owners. Eureka Car Park brings together quirky design with directions to help the drivers within the garage.
10. Glass Pavilion House Garage, California
Classic cars sitting comfortably displayed within the Glass Pavilion House Garage are certain to take your breath away just as much as the interior of the car park space. Floor-to-ceiling glass panels surround the entire space, giving it an unmatched opulence.
11. Santa-Monica Civic Centre Parking Garage, California
World’s first LEED certified garage of immense perfection is the one located at Santa-Monica Civic Centre Parking Garage. With bright colours like green, red and blue, the combination of this variety makes the garage look a lot more inviting along with the massive parking space available inside.
12. Greenway Self Park, Chicago 
Another one of the best public parking spaces is Greenway Self Park in Chicago. With massive car park spaces and an enviable design, Greenway Self Park is a great example of spectacular architecture.
13. Mountain Dwellings, Copenhagen
Built directly under elevated homes whose gardens feel like terraces right above car park spaces, Mountain Dwellings in Copenhagen is a stunning presentation of unique garage designs.
14. Car Park One, Oklahoma
Something that looks nothing like a parking garage on the outside, with translucent walls and lights that give it the appearance of a usual urban building, Car Park One in Oklahoma City displays colours and natural light through its pretty looking walls and glass backdrop.
15. 1111 Lincoln Road Parking Garage, Miami
You could call it one of the world’s most brilliant parking garages is also one of the latest additions to the beautiful garages of the world. With shops at the bottom and circular levels of parking space available to fit hundreds of cars, this garage is connected by tall rectangular beams.
Like every other architectural marvel in the world, parking garages too have the ability to leave you mesmerized.

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