10 Tips for Roof Remodeling

Roof is one of the most critical components of your house along with the foundation. If you’re thinking of remodeling your roof, you might need some assistance as it can be an enormous project, both financially and mentally.

We’ll help you out with some great advice to keep your roof robust and healthy. 

Here are our 10 tips for roof remodeling.

1. It’s all about the appearance

This might come as a surprise for many of you, but roofs can take up to 40% of your house’s visible exterior. So, if you want your home to look appealing from the outside, then getting your roof fixed should be your top priority.

Not only the maintenance, but you should also keep in mind the aesthetics of your roof and pay extra attention to the design and color you choose. Apparently, you can also consider feng shui for roof color.

2. Inspection

You should regularly inspect your roof for any potential damages such as cracking, curling or missing shingles.

A better way to do this would be looking at it from a vantage point through binoculars or from the inside to check if there are any leakages.

3. Be aware of rules and regulations

You should always check with your local municipal officials about the rules regarding roof remodelling.

This is because many states have stringent regulations on how many times one can recover the roof with the same materials.

4. Ventilation is necessary

If your goal is to prolong the life of your roof, then you must prioritize the ventilation of the attic. This might sound trivial but can go a long way in boosting the lifespan of your roof.

The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends 1 square foot of free vent area for every 150 square feet of attic floor.

5. Ask the right questions

You always want to make sure that the vendor you’re choosing is credible and will do an excellent job. The same principle can be applied here.

You must ask the right questions to your roofing contractors, such as the address of his permanent place of business, tax identification number and the amount of experience he has in this field.

6. Picture test

Many roofing contractors will take a picture of your house and show different renderings of the house with different types of roofs.

Technology has made our lives so much easier, and this is yet another instance.

7. Ask for a detailed proposal

Before choosing a roofing contractor, consult multiple contractors for your problem and ask them to submit a detailed proposal.

This proposal should contain all the intricacies such as the color of the roof, the material to be used, and the estimated deadlines.

8. Squares

Many roofing professionals will talk in terms of squares, which might confuse some of you.

They are talking about the number of shingles needed to cover 100 square feet. Asphalt shingles are highly prevalent in many states.

9. Consider alternatives

Before choosing the preferred material for your roof, make sure that you have considered all the other alternatives. The best course of action would be to list all the materials and compare them based on their pros and cons.

Some might protect better against rain while others might be better when it comes to fire resistance.

10. Think of roof as an annual cost

Remodeling a roof is an investment whose returns you’ll be reaping for years to come. There is no doubt that a substantial amount of money would leave your pockets, but the benefits would also last for a long time.

So it is best if you consider it as an annual cost, by dividing the total cost incurred by the number of years you expect it to last. This will give you the per year cost of your roof.