10 Most Notable Benefits Of Helical Pile Foundations

Helical pile foundations are a common feature in many residential and commercial construction projects.

The advantages of using these steel beams in the construction of foundations are many. Take a look at groundsun.co.uk to learn more.

Below are some of 10 of the essential benefits and the prospects they offer in comparison to the concrete foundations.

1. Quick installation

Compared to the concrete foundations, the steel pile foundations are fast to install since there is no ground excavation or setting time involved.

2. No excavations

You do not have to dig and take away soil, therefore, the building process fast and it also helps cut the overall costs for the project.

3. No curing time

Unlike with concrete foundations that need time to set and cure, with the helical pile foundation the projects will continue immediately after laying the foundation.

4. Small footprint

The helical steel piles are applicable in different situations including in restricted areas such as those with an adjacent building that require extra measures put in place to ensure their stability and safety.

5. Flexible design

Very steel post is uniquely designed for the construction of foundations ensuring that will maximize the use of available space, have a less impact on the soil, and have a load-bearing capacity to support the erected building.

6. Environmentally friendly

The helical steel piles have a far less environmental impact compared to the concrete foundations.

7. All-year-round installations

The steel post foundations do not have downtime, especially during the cold and wet months that make it hard for concrete to cure properly. You can install them any time, in any temperature, during the year.

8. Reduce noise complaints

Noise is a standard part of any construction work, but with the helical pile installations, you will have fewer complaints from the neighbors because these piles will be below 80db.

9. Minimal vibration

With these steel piles having a vibration of less than 1mm during installation with a high of 5mm in grounds with an obstruction, you do not have to worry about disturbing adjacent foundations or causing any damages.

10. Installed in any ground

A helical pile foundation can be set up in clay, rocky, wet grounds as well as soft soil.

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