10 Most Common Commercial Paving Projects

Even if you do not realize it, paving projects surround you nearly everywhere you go. To help you understand this further, here are ten of the most common commercial paving projects that you’re likely to come across in your day-to-day life:

1. Road Resurfacing

No matter what type of property you’re dealing with, you’re almost certain to need a reliable, safe road to get there. The flexible, easy to repair, and varied nature of asphalt products have made it perfect for roadways. Asphalt paving has remained the top way to build, maintain and repair roadways, making it the most common commercial paving project you’re likely to come across by far.

2. Pavement Markings

Pavement markings are key to keeping roadways safe to drive on. Imagine trying to space yourself apart from other cars without these helpful markings, after all. The flow of traffic would be irreparably harmed without these useful little markings as well. If you’ve ever seen traffic workers applying pavement markings, you’re seeing one of the most common commercial paving projects in action.

3. Concrete Curbing

Alongside roadways, curbs can provide a safe buffer between pedestrian and vehicular areas. Parking lots and other large-scale asphalt-built areas also benefit from concrete curbing and other such projects. Because curbing is more common than ever, it’s now become one of the  most likely commercial paving projects that you’ll see in your day-to-day life. For businesses that like to keep their properties looking sharp and professional, this is a common task that you’ll hire a reputable commercial paving company to complete.

4. Demolition/Excavation

Before most commercial paving projects can begin, some degree of demolition and excavation needs to occur. Making sure drainage systems are prepared, getting rid of damaged foundations, and adding rock beds are common in this case. Especially when it comes to large-scale asphalt projects, such as parking lots, a fair deal of demolition and excavation will be involved in the commercial paving project. Every amazing building that you’ve had the pleasure of exploring has benefited from this process at some point.

5. Condominium Asphalt Paving

Managers who oversee residential commercial properties, such as condos and apartment complexes, will have to deal with commercial paving projects a lot. Whether you’re keeping roads and parking lots in a safe condition, or refinishing sidewalks, asphalt paving will likely be your key solution. If you live in any area where a lot of people are located, you’re going to be seeing plenty of commercial paving projects happening around you.

6. Shopping Center Lots

One of the largest scale commercial paving projects out there, creating the parking lots for shopping centers is a massive undertaking. The amount of preplanning, prep work, asphalt paving, finishing, and more that goes into completing such a project would prove mind-boggling to anyone who is not a professional. If you enjoy shopping, you’re benefiting from one of the more common and complex commercial paving projects out there.

7. Drive-Thru Foundations

Drive-thrus are often rather complex when you look at them closely. The mixture of commercial paving services that are being combined in a small area to pull off a drive-thru is downright impressive. Fast-food lovers benefit from the subtle, but intelligent ways that professional pavers approach drive-thru creations every single time they go to get their favorite combo meal.

8. Warehouses

The vast majority of warehouses have a concrete foundation, as well as concrete floors. Due to this, they become another example of a common, large-scale commercial paving project. The amount of prep work that goes into building a safe, efficient warehouse space is just as mind-boggling as the process undertaken to craft a shopping center’s massive parking lot.

9. Office Parks

Office parks combine many of the commercial paving projects on this list when they’re being constructed and maintained. As people are returning to the office, they are getting a clear view of one of the U.S.’s most common commercial paving projects and benefit from professionals’ expertise.

10. School Parking Lots

Not all massive parking lots have to deal with strictly commercial properties, and instead serve the common good. School parking lots are the best example of this in action, and nearly everyone living in the country today will have benefited from this incredibly common commercial paving project at some time in their life.

Always Remember to Appreciate Our Nation’s Contractors

When you’re enjoying your daily life, always remember that it’s the hard, tireless work of contractors that allows you to do so smoothly. Without their daily efforts on these ten projects we’ve discussed above (and much more), we would not have such an efficient, pleasing way of getting around.