10 Coolest Camping Structures Ever Built

Are you a fan of camping? Well, you’re definitely going to enjoy this article. We’ve put together some of the coolest camping structures ever built so you can enjoy them. These structures are pushing the limits of what’s possible when you go camping. This means that the old days of just putting up a regular ‘ole tent are long gone. What about trying out one of these fantastic structures the next time you go camping with your family?
1. The Decagon Tent
This is one of the absolutely coolest camping structures ever built. This tent is structured around a decagon figure. There’s one central tent that you can connect tons of extra tents around. This basically means you can create your own tent city for every family member to have their own bedroom.
You can even store your cars in some of them! How cool is that? And this structure might even be found on TentsAndCampGear.com. Have you checked yet?
2. The Cave
With the Cave system, you’re no longer going to have to lug around those huge metal pieces to put together your tent. The Cave is a tent that’s totally inflatable using air, but is super durable against the elements. Try out this design if you’re looking to leave some of the weight of metal tents back at home.
3. Lawn House
The Lawn House is a fantastic camping structure that’s pretty unique when it comes to the camping world. This is perfect when you want camping, but don’t want to have to go outside into the mountains. You can purchase this very affordable natural tent, add it to one of the rooms in your home, and a camping trip is always just a few steps away!
4. Blockhaus DY62
If you’re more of an architect type than an outdoorsy type, then this design is for you. Basically, it’s a glass structure that attaches to any existing concrete structures. This way you can spend your time enjoying the beautiful architecture and design of this fantastic camping structure.
5. Lyhty
LYHTY (pronounced “lighty”) is one of those designs that’s both practical and beautiful. In fact, it looks more like a large lantern in the wilderness than a tent. However, it’s perfect for those of you who want to have a constant source of light when you’re camping. The entire structure lights up whenever you want it to be. Plus, it’s great for any of you who live in areas of the world like Finland, where there’s not so much sunlight during the winter.
6. Cristalbubble
The CristalBubble is pretty much just like it sounds. This camping design is meant to be for those who want to seclude themselves away with all of the necessary amenities in life (without electricity and plumbing, of course). The CristalBubble looks more like a giant bubble than a tent, but to each their own! It’s definitely a unique one.
7. Y-Bio
Looking like tiny pyramids, the Y-BIO camping structures are perfect for camping on beaches or wherever it’s windy. The design is meant to be complimented by the ocean breeze, so you’re definitely going to feel relaxed when spending some time in this structure.
8. Tree Tents
Tree Tents are the kinds of tents you would want if you didn’t want to spend time on that dirty ground of the forest. You’re completely safe and sound when you’re elevated in the trees with this tent structure.
9. Tentsile
Tentsile is basically a large inflatable hammock that you can elevate above the forest floor. Much like the Tree Tents, this option is perfect if you want to spend more time in the trees than on the ground. No more scary run-ins with bears!
10. Bicycle Sauna
This one is an interesting take on the mobile sauna. It’s basically a sauna attached to a bike! If you’re looking for less of an outdoorsy escape and more of a relaxing time at the spa, check this one out.
And there you have it! Those are some of the coolest camping structures out there. Which one looked the most interesting to you?


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