10 Cool Features To Add When Building Your New House

Building your own home can be really exciting. It is the one time you are freed to create something that will match your tastes exactly. Everything, from the floor plan to the final touches will represent your personal sense to style. It is a rare opportunity for you to express all your inner desires.

But with so many options out there to choose from, there might be some new and cool features that you’re not even aware of. Whether you’re looking for new ideas to enhance the quality of life in your new home or you just want to add some ways to boost your property values, here are some ideas that just might fit the bill.

1. Unique Shelving

All homes need shelving. It is an essential element for storage and helps to keep your home in order. Think about a corner bookcase or a well-arranged set of shelves for a built-in entertainment center and you’ve got an awesome conversation piece. Shelving in areas where you don’t have much utility could create additional storage space along with plenty of other options.

2. Built-In Electronics

Novus Homes recommend having a built-in electronic system. Think of a sound system that will work through every room in the house and is controlled by a remote app on your mobile device or even one that is voice activated. There are some systems that can be controlled even if you are not at home. You could listen to your favorite music or TV show in surround sound without ever having to search for a remote control again.

3. A Secret Room

What about a secret room somewhere in your home. It could serve as a panic room or a private entertainment area. This new idea has a lot of uses. Imagine a private library stashed away behind a hidden bookshelf, a 1920s style speakeasy with a hidden entrance, or a quiet room where you can escape from the hectic life going on inside your home.

4. Deep Pour Basement

Rather than a standard size basement, a deep pour basement raises the ceiling an additional foot making the space feel more open and inviting. Deep pour basements are perfect if at some point in the future, you’re interested in using the area for living space. It can even make it an ideal place for the kids to hang out with their friends.

5. A Deck

Having a nice deck is a way of extending your living space outdoors. It’s also a great place to entertain when the weather is nice. They are not only very attractive, they increase the value of your home and because they are low maintenance, they won’t consume a lot of your time keeping up appearances.

6. Upstairs Laundry Room

Having an upstairs laundry can be a life saver if you have a lot of washing to do. It can improve efficiency and help you get through your chores a lot quicker. No longer will you need to haul laundry up and down the stairs when needed it can increase your property value by adding additional floor space to your total square footage.

7. A Kitchen Nook

Add a nice kitchen nook in the corner to make the most of the space. A nook is a great way for the family to eat together without having to use a full dining area. It will add a little uniqueness to your kitchen design and keep the more formal dining space for guests.

8. Mudroom

Mudrooms make it possible to keep your homes clean, especially on those days when the weather is not so favorable. Imagine having a place where you can remove your rain and winter clothes, take off your muddy shoes, or wash up before entering the main house. It will make everything more convenient for anyone who enters your house.

9. A Bathroom Spa Or Sauna

Having a spa bathroom is one of the best upgrades. You can install one in your large private bath for convenience. It will add a sense of luxury and give you a quiet place to relax and enjoy your personal domain. Consider getting one that is large enough to hold a full soaking tub or a larger shower.

10. Heated Floors

Heated floors are an awesome feature for anyone who lives in colder climates. Installing warming coils under the floorboards can really make your home feel nice and cozy. If is the perfect option for rooms built over concrete slabs rather than a foundation.

Building your own home means that you don’t have to settle for the cookie cutter style commonly seen today. It is up to you to decide which features you will have and the limit to what you can do is only your imagination and budget. Many of these features provide you with a level of style and luxury uncommon in many new homes and can increase the value of your home making it worth the extra effort.

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