6 Reasons Why You May Need a Plumbing Service

The role of a plumber in this world is much underrated. In fact, some people don’t even realize till it’s too late, that there is a $95 billion worth of plumbing industry in U.S. catering various needs of customers on a regular basis. And this issue is what leads to clogged drains, overflowing sink and many others problems which people, in the end, find hard to deal with. Just like any other servicing or cleansing process which happens in your home, plumbing is also something you should regularly consider getting done. Not only because you need it, but because it helps save you from emergency issues such as clogged toilet etc., which may hamper your daily routine.
Today we mention 6 reasons which we think you should look as a sign for your house requiring plumbing service.

1. Frequent Water Leaks

Yes, we know you consider yourself capable enough to tighten a few screws, turn in a few knobs and hence fix minor water leaks yourself. However, if your repeated efforts of fixing a water leak in your home are going futile, it is a wise decision to call in a professional. An expert assistance in such situation can be of great help in resolving such issues which may in long run spoil or affect your entire homes water supply.

2. Reduction in Water Pressure

There might be situations in which water pressure begins falling or there might be some hindrance to its smooth flow. On a normal level, this is usually caused because the aerator in front of faucets is clogged due to dirt particles and hence you can simply remove the aerator, clean it and replace it back on top. However, if this issue doesn’t seem to get resolved it is time to take help from a plumber. This issue if serious may be caused due to eroding of your water pipe, or some internal leak which may be affecting your complete pipe network.

3. Clogged Drains

Although this issue is something which most people are capable enough of handling themselves and most of them do. However, there are scenarios in which people try unclogging drains using sticks and rods which lead to further pipe damage thereby causing even a bigger issue than it originally was. In such situations, it is best to have a professional inspect the issue and find out the reasons behind drain choking. Not only will he be helping you with the choked drain in present, but will also ensure that the issue doesn’t occur in future.

4. Rusty Colored Water

A rust colored water supply is generally considered safe to use as iron is beneficial to your body. However, this does give you an important insight into the conditions of your pipes some of which may have rusted in long run. Plumbing and heating issues are common to arise in case of homes which have dedicated water heaters installed. Therefore if you are seeing rusty water coming out of faucets it might also be your water heater demanding service of exchange.

5. Sewage Odor

This is one important issue which shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. In case you are sensing strange rotten egg-likesmell around your house or from your faucets, there is a high chance that one of the sewer pipes in your walls or under floors has started leaking. This issue should be taken seriously and a plumber should be called immediately provided this issue if not tackled at atime may cause the foundation of your home to be affected.

6. Frozen Pipes

In places where the temperature drops subzero the issue of frozen pipes is likely to occur. In such as cases, you will begin noticing strange noises in pipes as the water moves and there would be a gradual drop in pressure. In such situations don’t try hitting the pipes and resolving the issue yourself as these actions may lead to your pipe eventually cracking or the entire system bursting. Call in a professional and let him help in such situations and for the time you can leave the faucet open so that the water gradually drips and if you are lucky the pressure will be restored.

So, these 6 signs we believe are sufficient enough to give you a message that you need plumbing service right now. Seeing anyone of these, don’t wait, call a professional immediately.