Outdoor Patio

5 Easy Ways To Renovate Your Outdoor Patio Beautifully

Spring’s right around the corner. Are you tired of your dull and boring outdoor space being so bland? Looking to make your outdoor area more exciting this year than last? There’s a simple, easily affordable way to change that for 2018. What you’re going to learn are several inspiring ideas you can use to make your neighbours jealous.

As always, to keep things from getting out of control, you must create a budget and stick to it like a vulture to a mouse. Otherwise, home renovations will do more harm than good.

1. Water Fountain

Lucky for you, solar water pumps aren’t expensive – depending on your area. Installing one in your yard instantly adds a touch of serenity and tranquility to any part you put it in. Then it’s time to opt for your favourite gorgeous flowers to make this area seem absolutely irresistible and completely tranquil. Here’s the beauty: to make your indoors feel luxurious as well, add a water feature on the interior (in a room that allows it). You could potentially build your own miniature alcove using this method for designing your own water fountain or pond.

2. Take Your Furniture Outdoors

Bar none, there is nothing else that increases perceived value (in the eyes of your neighbours) than placing outdoor furniture out on your patio. (Which, believe it or not, may require you to update your patio so the entire design concept you’re going for doesn’t look slapped together or shoddy.)

Plus, you could build a comforting Pergola to cover your outdoor furniture. Little else makes you feel like you have your life together, and you’re truly living the sweet, relaxed life than a Pergola. If you’re uncomfortable, hiring contractors or carpenters is a breeze. There is no limit to the amount of sheer beauty one of these gives your great outdoor yard.

3. Glass Doors

Yes, this method requires a lot more renovation and upfront costs. But I promise you: installing gorgeous folding glass doors will make your living room look (and feel) larger. Notice we’re talking about folding doors, and not sliding glass doors. Sliding glass doors are passé and fit for shabby apartments. Not your beautiful home.  Plus, if you follow even two or three of the other methods in this article, you can see your beautiful backyard all year round from the comfort of your living room.

4. Build a Firepit

Nothing says “luxury” like a firepit. (Whether it’s square or circle, a paver-and-brick firepit looks far more expensive than something you can buy at Home Depot or other hardware stores.) When I was a kid, the family’s “firepit” was a rusted barrel we buried deep into the soil. If that was your childhood too, don’t give other kids in your life the same misery.

5. Make a Stone Path

You can build a stone path in both your front and back yards. There is no way to go wrong when it comes to these beautiful paths. Honestly, don’t these paths make properties seem more sophisticated and elegant? You bet. Luckily, they don’t require a lot of investment. But building stone paths does take some effort if you go the DIY route.


Feeling inspired to renovate your home this Spring? Remember: you may have a disaster on your hands if you don’t budget accordingly – and stick to it. Outdoor home renovations are a serious investment that will last for decades if done correctly and properly cared for.