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10 Ways to Design a House That Is Easy to Clean

Photo by jarmoluk, CC0 1.0

If you don’t want to deal with a super hard house to clean, you’ve got to start at the beginning – the design process. You’ve got to start designing a home that’s easy to clean if you want to reduce your cleaning workload in the future. That’s why you should keep reading the below article to learn how to design a house that’s easy to clean.

1. Make Sure to Always Start with Your Flooring

Of course, whenever you are designing your house, you’ve got to think about the flooring first. This is the area of your home that’s going to get dirty the fastest. This is especially true when you’re living in a house with a lot of kids or pets running around on a regular basis. The best flooring type that you can go for is stained concrete or laminate or vinyl. These are going to be the easiest for you to clean!

2. Treat Your Walls Correctly

The next parts of your home that you should consider are the walls. Again, this is especially true if you’re going to have kids or pets running around. You can easily treat your home with a material that’s going to ensure that you can scrub off any crayon markings or other marks.

3. Think About the Wall Coverings You’re Going to Be Using

If you want to get some wall coverings, then you should think about getting a vinyl covering for your wall. You might not think these are going to be great for your home, but they have seriously improved in recent years to be very easy to clean.

4. Think About the Fabrics You’re Using for Furniture

Of course, next up you’ve got to think about the fabric on your furniture. This is going to be the next part of your house that’s going to get easily dirty. Think about going for a leather that you can easily wipe off when it gets dirty. Or just choose another fabric that’s easily washable!

5. What About Some Slipcovers?

Of course, if you really want to protect your furniture, think about getting some slipcovers to put over it. These can be used whenever you would wish and they can be removed whenever you need to clean them. Learn more here about some other ways you can keep your home clean once you’ve designed it.

6. Try Some Casters for Your Furniture

If you have a lot of furniture in your house, then you should think about putting casters at the bottom of your couches, dining room tables, and other pieces of furniture. This is going to seriously make cleaning up your house a breeze! All you have to do is roll the items out of the way to get under them to clean.

7. Think About Storage Space

Another thing that you’re going to have to think about is your storage space. If you don’t have enough storage space, it’s going to be tough to keep your home clean. Be sure to plan out your storage space whenever you’re designing and leave for room for ample space.

8. If You Don’t Have Enough Storage Space, Pick Out Furniture That Has Storage Space

If you don’t think you’re going to have enough storage space in your house, then pick up furniture pieces that come with storage space. For example, you can get a couch that has drawers at the bottom for items that need to be stored.

9. Create A Cleaning Plan as You Design

As you design your house, you should think about the cleaning plan as you go. Who is going to take what rooms to clean? What rooms are going to need to be cleaned on a regular basis and which can be let go?

10. You Can Even Think About Having a Smaller House

Of course, if you want to have an easier time cleaning your home, it’s a good idea to go ahead and think about downsizing your house. A smaller home is not going to take nearly as much time to clean as a huge house with many rooms.

And there you have it! Designing a house that’s easy to clean is not as hard as you might think it would be.