The Ancient Indian Art of


The Ancient Indian Art of Architecture is known as Vastu and the Ancient Chinese Art of Architecture is known as Feng Shui.

The positive effects of vastu and feng shui has been scientifically been proven and it depends on certain principles as mentioned above by "Sansarchi".

Both of them revolves around light, air and water. Do you know why in vastu, people prefer North as the best facing direction for studies and works? Because from all other direction we get UV radiations from sun except North and it is the coolest direction. That is also why people doing gemstones and diamond trade faces towards north direction……….Therefore while making a building structure it is always good to free the north side portion of building so that light and air can enter.

There are several other important features of vastu which has been proved. It helps to circulate positive energy in ones house.

It is good that people are getting aware of vastu. Its not a blind principle, as I said. The only problem that you might have faced is that you got the wrong "Vastu Guy" to check your house. Instead, buy a book on vastu and implement its principles on your own.