Thanks for the reply


Thanks for the reply Rohit…

‘Making things happen’ is not so easy but if we are honest with our thoughts & ready to work up to our hightest limit then the conditions wil be formed for us to reach upto that level.

As i explained in my 1st post "The Architecture for Humanity" is explained under 3 sub-titles. It is linked with human phychology. Here the purpose of community centre is forced on visitors-

  • By visual effects (through museum,art gallery).
  • By audio effects (audi,amph,library)
  • By making their mind empty (through yoga,mediation,& natural-ayurwedik progm.)
  • By filling empty mind wit true thoughts (through divine structure)

To accept new thoughts, our mind should be free from the slug of stress & unhealthy thoughts. Then we will be prepaired to reach that divine level. Above explained phychological program can occur in any order but it will give strong impact on visitors mind…

Here i am giving the reason of adding mentioned function in my topic…

Yes, i will have to strengthen my idea of "Architecture for Humanity" by zoning them accordingly. But now i am in primary stage, i have not submitted my synopsis even. So i can modify it, thats why i am discussing with you people. You can suggest me some new points because my thesis submission is in march 2011. So i have better time to work out on it.

So u can suggest me some new conceps, or some new aditions, new activity, casestudies, images, information, project, regarding  my topic?