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Success is impossible without back breaking hard work and diamonds shine only after they are ground…In short, there is no shortcut to success, it depends on how well you deliver your work to the your boss/senior and how helpful it is for him to deal with the client..

However, work comes only when where there is development going on…and for more scope of work, it is important to find cities where rapid development is going on, because these are the cities where more innovative kind of projects are handled and experimentation with architecture is taken upon as real projects rather than hypothetical proposals.

Talking about india, it is not just the major metropolitan cities where such kind of work is going on. Some of the upcoming metropolitans like hyderabad, bengaluru, pune, ahmedabad have also really amazing projects going on and coming up which project the image of global influence on india and thus, these are also the places where international firms of legendary fame are setting up their offices. Conclusively, we can say more is the scope of work in the city, better are the firms situated there.

So, answering the ‘big question mark’, it is the kind of firm you work with (and in which city the firm is situated), the kind of project you are in, the kind of role you are playing in the project along with your skill set which sets the parameters of one’s career success..

Ofcourse, this is my perception…other views may differ..

But one honest question to rohit though,how do you define and select good place to work?