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I think you should know that you have to design building in architecture.

To put it simply, architecture is a combination of applied art and science which deals with the built as well as the unbuilt.

Art can be anything, from an oil painted portrait to a ceramic vase. It cannot be used as such, it has to be applied according to the requirements so that the structure becomes asthetically appealing. Eg. Norman Foster designed one of his towers in the form of a standing bullet.

Further common science of electrification, lighting, plumbing etc. perfected over ages is also employed to make the habitat self sufficient and functional.

An architect doesn’t only deal with buildings or the built form of the building. It is the quality of space that he has to influence. He says a great deal by not saying anything- by not constructing anything.

Architecture is a very philosophical field. It has a lot of subtle percepts attache, you have to do it to truly know it.