Hi Mayank, read your post.

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Hi Mayank,

read your post. are you an interior designer or an architect.  I am looking for sample architectural designs of interior layouts of shopping centers.  Im sorry i have hardly any experience in mall design, but i have to prepare a study for my boss and i have been looking over the the net for days now without any luck.  The sample itself will not be used, i need just to include in my study as a sample, of how a shopping centre interior should be designed.  The Mall in question should be two stories with a total floor space of approx. 4,000 sqm.  Its should also include parking for approx. 300 – 500 vehicles.  I really appreciate any help you can give in how i can find such sample, as Im really running out of time and really need to do a good job on this one.  

Thanks in advance.