hi, i am a final yr

Antara Nandy

 hi, i am a final yr architecture student and in these 5yrs of time many feelings, likes & dislikes about architecture as a whole has crossed my mind.

  • Every student who studies architecture gets a lot of freedom in life since we do not need to cram definitions, formulaes (except 1subject-structures) etc. Rather we can exercise our own minds & fancies for every new project.


  • People say that architecture is a lucrative profession once you get established. Anithor +pt.


  • Now, i have always felt that as far as work is concerned we all become very dependent. Right from gathering case studies, searching for bye-laws & drawing help for the basic study requirements since we dont have many course books to guide us etc. we have to depend on other sources who would help us in this regard.  And the college pass does not work, believe me, nobody accepts letter from ur college and permits you to even visit all parts of their building,,, forget about getting plans from them. And the college authorities are least bothered about this plight of the students. They can only except a big bulk of work while their input is neglible.                                                                                                                                         Studying architecture means you get to suffer humiliation at so many different levels- from ur college  proffessors at the time of every viva-they can never feel satisfied with ur work, seniors who r supposed to help u out but wont do so unless n until they see any benefit in this helping, and the other places where u land for conducting case studies.


  • Unlike your school times, when u’r an archi student u can not except that u can simply come to class, attend ‘informative’ lectures and just go back home and revise the concepts. Life is not this independent.


  • Its said that its a very creative profession. I want to ask a question here, is creativity all about just creating some different forms & painting the walls with a novel color. Isn’t it a very kiddish way of defining creativity. Rest everything is strict-straight from the construction methods to materials. Airy fairy ideas are not accepted by the professors. Guys where has the so-called ‘freedom’ of archi gone now?


  • Long working hours !..you can not just help with this fact that as an architect you have to work really really hard and for many hours at a stretch. And there isn’t much brains that u have to put on these works, just the time.

These were some of my opinions and querries as an archi student, i would want to get some light thrown on these issues both by the students & the proffessionals especially.

Thank You !