The Real One…

Ages to speak for, milestones to show
off the architect
The intepreter and the interceptor,
The designer and the destructer
Glory and gold, never short of both
A sheet of paper earns him a lot.

But is he the real one?
With the magical ‘gift of god!!!’
Does he differ, with a long pony tail,
Or a french cut moustache!
With a clean sharp pencil
Kept on his ear….!

He never comes with a pen and a paper..
With a hi fi laptop hung with pride.
He comes from within, within our heart
Along with all the wonder and joy.

Near the sea, i saw a kid
Build the future with mud and sand…
In that kid i saw him bright

With all the renders we perceive.
The bird who builds a nest so wild
To save its kid from rain and storm,
I saw him there, build along
With all the technology, we perceive.

Author’s Note: From my little experience with architecture i have realized the way the profession has been manipulated into a very systematic and disciplined engineering. but the fact is it is not one of those kind. architecture is way beyond the boundaries defined by a set of people or society. it is the passion that is generated in the inner sanctum of mind. it is present in a slum dweller as clearly as in a white collared guy sitting in the office. but the degree of intensity may vary.