The Fight Inside

Compelled to fathom this engagement,
Courage must be sought for the impending swarm;
For when the gates fall down,
All shall be consumed;
Moments will fade,
Notions will collide,
Senses will baffle,
As this bane unties all bonds,
This way must crush these thorns,
A way of resolve and clarity,
To do away with this in sincerity;
Vigor floods in; this path has straightened,
The vanes of light have deepened,
The thrust intensifies,
As complacency is denied;
One ignorant move and the cause shall be lost,
Yet this belief is strong, the strife rages on,
Till a fulfillment is born,
And the deluge is gone.

Author’s Note: A poem on the struggle with design; Its immense challenge and the call for perseverance.